Relatives detained as 6-year girl dies of ‘squalidity’

Relatives detained as 6-year girl dies of ‘squalidity’

Relatives detained as 6-year girl dies of ‘squalidity’

The aunt of a 6-year-old who allegedly died due to squalidity and ill-treatment in the central Anatolian province of Eskişehir has been arrested on charges of “tormenting the child,” while her grandmother has been detained after an arrest warrant was issued for “torturing.”

Nur Elif Tiftik and her brothers, identified only by the initials Y.T. (8), and M.T. (12), lived with their grandmother Cihangül K., uncle Sezer T. and aunt Deniz T. as their parents are in prison.

Spending her days on a rug on the roof of the house, Nur Elif also allegedly starved for a long time.

She became ill due to malnutrition and the ill-treatment by her aunt and grandmother. After suffering three days on the roof of the house, she was taken to the hospital after her relatives reported the situation to the medical teams. However, she couldn’t be saved.

“As the exact cause of death could not be determined in the first findings, a detailed autopsy report is awaited from the Forensic Medicine Institute,” Eskişehir Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office said in a written statement.

Police started a study on the incident as traces of beating were found on the little girl’s body, local media claimed.

Disappearing from the hospital after learning that the little girl had died, Cihangül K. was taken into custody after an arrest warrant was issued for allegedly torturing three children.

The police carried out an operation in the house and took the aunt and the uncle into custody. Deniz T. was arrested for “tormenting the child” and Sezer T. for “armed threat,” which was carried out during the fight within the family.

The other children, Y.T. and M.T., were found at the same address in poor health. Taken from the house, the two were handed over to the Family and Social Services Ministry’s provincial directorate upon an immediate protection order.

“Health checks continue for the developmental problems of children who are victims of neglect and abuse due to malnutrition and living in unsuitable conditions,” the ministry said in a statement. “The legal process is closely followed by our ministry.”

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