Recycled blackboards become pet feeders

Recycled blackboards become pet feeders

Recycled blackboards become pet feeders

Local authorities in the Black Sea province of Samsun’s Yakakent district have found a new way to use the blackboards that have been replaced with smart boards at school, making them feeders for stray animals.

After filling them with food and water for stray cats and dogs amid sweltering heatwaves, feeders have been built and placed at various locations across the district.

The recycled blackboards are adorned with a quote from famed folk poet Yunus Emre: “We love the Created, for the sake of Creator.”

Speaking to the state-run Anadolu Agency, Yakakent Governor Fatih Eroğlu said that the blackboards were repainted and decorated with motifs of cats, dogs and flowers.

A group of municipal workers was assigned to check food and water in feeders regularly, he added.

Eroğlu also said their work falls under a new animal welfare law that delegates responsibilities to local administrations for animal protection.

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