Recipients granted Golden Boll awards at ceremony

Recipients granted Golden Boll awards at ceremony

Recipients granted Golden Boll awards at ceremony

The 27th International Adana Golden Boll Film Festival Award Ceremony was held Sept. 20 at the Süleyman Seba Cultural Center in the southern province of Adana.

At the ceremony attended by many artists and actors, Ercan Kesal’s “Nasipse Adayız” (You Know Him) won the Golden Boll in the Best Film category.

“Cinema comes to mind when it comes to Adana. When it comes to cinema, the Golden Boll Film Festival comes to mind. This year we are celebrating the 27th festival. Due to the coronavirus, we are doing it under difficult conditions this year. Our friends did a good thing. Adana has such an impact on and contribution to cinema. This will go on like this,” said Adana Mayor Zeydan Karalar at the ceremony.

Kesal also won the award in the Best Script category of the festival.

Other winners of the festival were Leyla Yılmaz, who won Best Director and the Yılmaz Güney Award for the film “Bilmemek” (Not Knowing).

Senan Kara won the Best Actress award for her role in the same film, while Serdar Orçin and Onur Berk Aslanoğlu shared the Best Actor Award for their role in “Ceviz Ağacı” (Silenced Tree) and “Plaza,” respectively.

Also, actress Nur Sürer and actor Rutkay Aziz, who were deemed worthy of the Golden Boll Honorary Award, received their award at the ceremony. The Orhan Kemal Emek Award was given to director Orhan Oğuz.