‘Queen of rebetiko’ at İş Sanat

‘Queen of rebetiko’ at İş Sanat

‘Queen of rebetiko’ at İş Sanat

Istanbul’s İş Sanat will host Glykeria, one of Greece’s most important voices who is known as “the queen of rebetiko,” on April. 3. 

Known for her extraordinary voice and unique musical interpretations, the Greek diva is one of the most popular rebetiko singers in Europe and also has a following in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Israel. 

Glykeria made her debut in 1978 in a collaboration with the legendary Greek musician Apostolos Kaldaras. In the 1980s she fortified her reputation and in 1982 she was selected to represent Greece in the Europalia ‘82 festival in Brussels together with Sotiria Bellou, George Dalaras and Margarita Zorbala. 

In 1986 she sang “Earini Symfonia” for the song’s premier performance at the opening ceremony of the World Junior Championships in Athletics, held for the first time at the Athens Olympic Stadium and broadcast to 120 countries around the world. 

She has collaborated with names such as Natacha Atlas, Ömer Faruk Tekbilek, George Dalaras, Marinella, Ofra Haza, Ricky Gal, Chava Alberstein, Amal Murkus, Paschalis Terzis, Ilias Aslanoglou, Antonis Vardis, Sarit Hadad and Fortuna since the 1970s. 

Glykeria’s repertory also includes many familiar melodies to Turkish music lovers.