Quake victims in need of mobile toilets, containers, psychological support

Quake victims in need of mobile toilets, containers, psychological support

Quake victims in need of mobile toilets, containers, psychological support

While the rescue efforts still continue after the 7.7 and 7.6-magnitude earthquakes that hit the country’s south, survivors are in dire need of mobile toilets, containers or tents and psychological support as they enter the seventh day of displacement, local media reports.

One of the biggest difficulties faced by the survivors in Adıyaman province is the problem of shelter, as tents are not enough for everyone.

However, even if they find a tent, they have to experience bitterly cold temperatures at night. They demand more heaters.

The need for toilets and cleaning is also increasing day by day in the quake-hit city. Water is not available in the debris-filled area as the infrastructure completely collapsed. Mobile toilets and water tankers to be brought to the sites will help them greatly, local media reports.

Mobile toilets are also an important need in Hatay, another of the quake-hit cities, where conditions are more challenging for female survivors. Soap, cologne, menstrual pads and other hygiene items are also lacking.

Though electric heaters are brought to the region, there is no electricity and natural gas in the city yet. Therefore, people are demanding small tin stoves and generators to use electric heaters.

The communication problem still continues in the region as phone lines and the internet are not strong enough. Accelerating the repair or renewal of base stations damaged in the earthquake is of great importance for the well-being of the victims.

Meanwhile, in Kahramanmaraş, the epicenter of the earthquake, basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing and heating have been met to a relatively large extent by the efforts of the relevant institutions and aid from the public.

However, one of the most urgent needs of victims in the province is psychological support services and to keep the public’s aid mobilization moving.

Furthermore, children of families living in tent cities, on the streets, or in cars are extremely uneased. In the region full of construction equipment and tragedy, there is a great need for all kinds of toys that will divert their attention and keep them busy, local media says.