QR-coded tombstones help people mourn loved ones with memories

QR-coded tombstones help people mourn loved ones with memories

QR-coded tombstones help people mourn loved ones with memories

The QR code technology, that has become widespread and a part of our lives, right from availing banking services to shopping during the ongoing pandemic, has now advanced toward cemeteries.

Where a stonemason could only carve a short pray and the name of the dead person on a headstone, now with QR codes placed on headstones, mourners and visitors can access images and information about a dead person using their smartphones by scanning the codes.

The QR code system, which provides the convenience to access a dead person’s information through QR codes onto smartphones, has been in demand in Turkey recently.

Mehmet Çetin, the owner of a grave maintenance and tomb construction company in the Mediterranean province of Antalya, who turned the awareness of the QR code system into an opportunity during the pandemic period, restarted his QR-coded-tombstone service, which he once offered five years ago.

Noting that there has been an increase in the demand for QR codes on tombstones, Çetin said that he has not been able to keep up with the orders recently.

Through the QR code application, the personal information of a dead person can be seen within a few seconds after scanning the QR codes on a headstone with a smartphone.

Visitors to the tomb can easily view their relatives’ background, family tree, photos and footages on their mobile phones using the QR code application.

Prayers can also be included on a personal page in the application.

The information that the relative of the dead person wants to share can be accessed by anyone with a QR code application on their phones.