Probe launched into academic over offending remarks on universities

Probe launched into academic over offending remarks on universities

Probe launched into academic over offending remarks on universities

Prosecutors in Istanbul have launched a probe into Professor Ebubekir Sofuoğlu after his remarks labelling the country’s universities as “brothels” caused public outrage.

Earlier this week, Sofuoğlu from Sakarya University’s History Department, on a TV show criticized Generation Z and dismissed the view that universities contribute to the cities where they are located.

“All those places with universities have become like Nişantaşı,” Sofuoğlu said, referring to a posh neighborhood in Istanbul.

“They are all almost like brothels,” he remarked.

Other guests on the show reacted to his comments about the universities, asking him to refrain from such comments and generalization.

“There are no exceptions. I have seen all these. Let me show the lodges [students live],” he responded, adding that other guests are unaware of what is going on campuses.

His remarks on universities and university students caused public outcry.

“A professor who thinks universities are ‘bawdy houses,’ probably got lost on his way to the office and started to work in a wrong place,” tweeted Deniz Ülke Arıboğan, an academic.

“We stand against the reactionism and sexism in universities. An investigation should be opened into Sofuoğlu who describe young women’s taking part in modern life as ‘prostitution’,” said University Women’s Assembly on Twitter.

Presidential Communications Director Fahrettin Altun and Presidential Spokesperson İbrahim Kalın also reacted to Sofuoğlu’s comments.

“I want to put it clearly: As a person who spent quite of his time in universities as a student and an academic, we will continue to stand by our universities in the face of this aggressive attitude. Sofuoğlu’s comments cannot be tolerated and are unacceptable. We will follow up on this,” Altun wrote on Twitter.

It is a welcome move that necessary actions will be taken over those inappropriate comments which bring universities under suspicion, Kalın said.

Sakarya University has also launched its own investigation into Sofuoğlu regarding his comments.

Sofuoğlu is facing charges of inciting people to hatred and enmity.