President Erdoğan visits Turkey military base in Qatar

President Erdoğan visits Turkey military base in Qatar

DOHA - Anadolu Agency
President Erdoğan visits Turkey military base in Qatar

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan told troops stationed at a Turkish military base in Qatar to “conquer the hearts of the Qatari people” during a visit to the Gulf country on Nov. 15. 

“Our expectations from our heroes in Qatar are that you must conquer the hearts of the people of Qatar with our love and respect while performing your military duty with your gun and your heart,” Erdoğan told the Turkish soldiers.

He said the Turkish troops were doing their duties for their brothers in Qatar.

“The only reason for your presence here is friendship, peace and trust.”

“To be with our brothers and friends at difficult times is one of the greatest inheritances that our ancestors have left us… Moreover, throughout history we have not hesitated to give this support whatever the cost is,” Erdoğan said.

“We have once again demonstrated our commitment in this regard by increasing the number of our troops, in Qatar since 2015, by threefold after the last crisis,” he said, referring to Ankara’s support to Doha following a Saudi-led blockade on the country.

He stated that the most important difference that distinguishes a Turkish soldier from all other soldiers is “they never suspend their morality, conscience, and their fear of God while serving duty.”

Doha and Ankara signed a defense agreement in 2014 under which Turkey established a base in the Gulf country at the request of the Qatari government.

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