Portuguese art in Turkey

Portuguese art in Turkey

Portuguese art in Turkey

The Portuguese Embassy in Turkey, with the support of Camões IP and in association with Perve Galeria, brings the “Connecting to Portugal and the Portuguese Speaking World - the Modern and Contemporary Art Exhibition” to Turkey.

The exhibition features more than 250 original works by more than 60 of the most prestigious Portuguese and Lusophone artists - Cruzeiro Seixas, Fernando Lemos, Julio Orchard, Mario Cesariny, Alberto Pimenta, Rui Simões, Valter Hugo Mother, Marcello Grassmann, Salette Tavares, Malangatana, Paulo Kapela, Tchalé Figueira, Francisco Amaral Rego and Jose Chambel, among many others.

The preview of the exhibition was presented in Istanbul within the framework of Contemporary Istanbul. The exhibition will be open in Ankara on Sept. 19, at the gallery of the Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture of Bilkent University, the main sponsor of the event in the country’s capital, until Oct. 4.

It is the first time such an exhibition has been organized in Turkey - a true showcase of modern and contemporary art, spanning a large timeline of 100 years of art and a hugely diverse geography consisting of Portuguese-speaking countries – Brazil, Angola, Mozambique and many others — as well as Goa (India) and Macau (China).

The exhibition, curated by Carlos Cabral Nunes, has the support of Krea-Optilon, TomTom Design Hood and Contemporary Istanbul, and runs in parallel with the Istanbul Biennial.

The show is also distinguished by the diversity of materials and creative processes on display from painting to photography, video and performance.