Pledging support, Turkey welcomes settlement in Ukraine

Pledging support, Turkey welcomes settlement in Ukraine

Pledging support, Turkey welcomes settlement in Ukraine

Anti-Yanukovich protesters take part in a rally in Kiev's Independence Square Feb 23. REUTERS photo

Turkey has welcomed the consensus reached on the settlement of the political crisis in its Black Sea neighbor, while also pledging its solidarity with the people of Ukraine. 

“It is our sincere hope that the constitutional amendments agreed upon, the elections and the formation of the new government are carried out in accordance with the foreseen timeframe and that societal peace and stability are established in the country without delay,” the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a written statement released on Feb. 22.

“Turkey will continue to support all political resolution efforts made within a democratic context in its neighbor and strategic partner Ukraine and to be in solidarity with the friendly people of Ukraine,” the ministry said, referring to the fact that a High-Level Strategic Council was established between the two countries in January 2011, thus raising the level of their bilateral relations strategic partnership. 

This was the second statement by the ministry since the crisis in Ukraine erupted, while the governmental officials refrained from making public comments. 

“We believe that Ukraine, which has left behind past challenges with its political tradition based on a culture of peace and reconciliation since its independence, will also overcome this crisis and restore social peace and public order by democratic means. To this end, we call on all parties to act with restraint and self-possession and to intensify their efforts to end the climate of conflict,” said a written statement released by the Foreign Ministry on Feb. 19.