opens a new era opens a new era opens a new era For those who would like to discover a new approach to Turkish pop culture, has been newly launched to share album reviews, concerts, events and restaurants. The site may be more attractive for you if you’re living around Cihangir or Taksim, as the popular venues of Cihangir such as Kiki are featured in the site, as well as an interviews with the venue owners. The latest news, reviews, concert events, venue reviews, interviews, and also many of Turkey’s music writers can also be found on the site. However, do not expect to see and read a traditional music blog or pop culture website, as the writers - especially Dou Orcan and Buğra Orcan and Hakan Odabaşı - create their own style as they write. Soon the  website will also have pop-up music  fest websites to review world fests.