Pets no longer to be caged on Istanbul ferries

Pets no longer to be caged on Istanbul ferries

Pets no longer to be caged on Istanbul ferries The Istanbul City Lines has updated a regulation that previously required people to carry their pets in cages when commuting by ferries, it said in a statement on its official website on July 25. 

Animals had to be carried inside cages with muzzles, according to the previous regulation.

The regulation, however, had caused the death of a dog, with the incident stirring major controversy about rules and regulations on carrying animals on ferries. 

Many people, including animal rights activists, launched a petition against the regulation, prompting the Istanbul City Lines to issue a statement and update its regulations.

“Upon requests from you, pets without cages but with muzzles will be admitted onboard to the outdoor passenger lounges of ferries and indicated by the ship’s officers,” the statement said.      

Limitations may be imposed depending on the type of ship and the suitability of the areas, it added. 

Guide dogs accompanying visually and hearing impaired passengers will be admitted to designated passenger lounges and should be seated next to their owners, the statement said.

But if animals behave aggressively or restlessly, or are diseased, officials of the city lines may not allow them to board the ship. 

The move comes after a dog called “Sushi” died on a ferry operated by the Istanbul Fast Ferries (İDO) on June 19.

Forestry and Water Affairs Minister Veysel Eroğlu said on June 23 they were preparing a notice on the transportation of animals and determining the standards of the places they will be kept in, including the width and air conditioning of those spaces, following the death of Sushi.