Performance art questions the notion of human rights

Performance art questions the notion of human rights

Performance art questions the notion of human rights Open Dialogue Istanbul and Open Space Istanbul are presenting “Transient Bodies: A series of conferences” along with a live performance by VestAndPage in collaboration with Francesco Kiais and Burçak Konukman. The conference series started on April 22 at Salt Galata in Istanbul and will continue throughout the weekend. 

The concept of the performance focuses on times of radical changes. It questions how every discipline of human knowledge and activity is put in front of the possibility to remain isolated in itself or, conversely, to intervene into reality, becoming actively part of a historical process.

The lecture series scrutinizes the place of performance art in notions such as isolation, contested borders and multiple diasporas and the meaning of a place and home. The series is inspired by the concept of alienation and the search of identity for the individual in a system of politics, religion and social that is constantly changing.

Through a careful selection of artists, curators and academicians from the global cultural scene, the “Transient Bodies” project aims to offer a rich variety of events, ranging from aesthetics to the social, from ethics to the poetics, touching different areas of today’s interests.

The aim of the program is to focus on performance and live art, with a strong educational purpose.