People fined for violating Turkey’s virus rules

People fined for violating Turkey’s virus rules

People fined for violating Turkey’s virus rules

A large number of people across Turkey have been fined for violating the rules the government has introduced to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

The country’s health minister has said the coronavirus is in every province in Turkey, with Istanbul, İzmir and Ankara, the three largest cities, has reported the highest number of cases.

In a bid to take the outbreak under control, the authorities closed schools, banned sports and social events, imposed a partial curfew on certain age groups, made wearing face masks mandatory and closed non-essential stroes.

People are also constantly urged to heed calls to stay at home and abide by social distancing rules.

Despite all warnings, however, people still dodge those virus regulations.

For instance,  in Istanbul, around 2,500 people have been fined 1.8 million Turkish Liras (some $265,000) over 11 days for violating social distancing rules in public places and public transport, breaking the curfew and for opening their stores without permission.

In Antalya, a Mediterranean province, five people were fined 3,150 each after a fight. But they were fined for violating the social distancing rules. Also in the eastern province of Ağrı, six people, who got involved in a fight, were fined for a similar reason.

In the capital Ankara, eight people were fined a total of 6,000 for dodging the social distancing rules by dancing the “halay” (a folk dance).