Pedigree dogs abandoned in Turkey to be adopted in England

Pedigree dogs abandoned in Turkey to be adopted in England

Doğuş Esat Berme - MARMARİS / Doğan News Agency
Pedigree dogs abandoned in Turkey to be adopted in England

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Abandoned Golden Retrievers living on the streets of the Aegean holiday resort town of Marmaris are being sent to England to be adopted as part of an initiative carried out by a Scottish town resident.  

Jeannie Thirkill, a Scottish national who lives in Marmaris, devotes her work to rescuing stray dogs left on the streets of her town. After undergoing blood tests and quarantines in a cat rehabilitation center where she volunteers in, the dogs are being sent to their new homes in England with the support of a U.K.-based foundation. Thirkill has rescued eleven Golden Retrievers so far, but she has long been finding all sorts of pedigree dogs on the streets of Marmaris since 1993. 

“Besides stray dogs, there are many Boxers, Seters, Cookers, Rottweilers and Collies living on Marmaris streets. We have recently found abandoned Golden Retrievers on the streets. People who cannot keep them as pets abandon them on the streets. Animal shelters are now full of pedigree dogs. A couple months ago, we found the foundation called “Happy Paws” in England. The administrations of the animal shelters in [Aegean] towns like İçmeler, Gökova and Didim signed a deal with this foundation. After hosting them in shelters for a legal period, we will send these rescued pedigree dogs to England to be adopted,” Thirkill said. 

Because it is costly to adopt dogs from another country, Thirkill said foundations in England were collecting money through charity fairs, thus helping to find homes for these dogs. In England, the cost of adopting a dog from Turkey is 1,000 pounds (approximately 4,160 Turkish Liras) per dog. This price includes the dog’s flight ticket, health tests and a four-month quarantine period. “Foundations cover these expenses and find homes for the dogs during their quarantine periods,” she added. 

She is hesitant about dog adoptions by Turks, adding that she carefully examines every Turkish family before allowing them to adopt. 

“Did they have dogs before? If so, what happened to it? Did it die on the street or after living with a family happily? I look at these criteria. Everybody wants a dog. They love them and want to pet them. I have no doubt about that. But they need to take care of them the way they take care of their kids. When people realize this, loving the animals becomes a heavy burden for them. That’s why I send dogs, both pedigrees and mutts, abroad to be adopted,” said Thirkill. 

Thirkill also said that the state should pass a bill that would limit the breeding of the animals. 

“Breeding should be banned until shelters are empty. Selling them [dogs] should already be banned. People also sell animals via social media. This should be banned too. There are more than 400 abandoned dogs in shelters of a small town like Marmaris,” said Thirkill.