Paşabahçe's talking coins on display

Paşabahçe's talking coins on display

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Paşabahçes talking coins on display

Paşabahçes new collection ‘Talking Coins’ is an addition to the company’s previous 10 collections. This one mirrors the evolution of money.

Paşabahçe is exhibiting its 11th History, Culture and Glass collection titled “Talking Coins,” comprised of limited edition coins. 

With this collection, Paşabahçe aims to preserve cultural heritage and pass it on to the next generation. “Talking Coins” sheds light on the multicultural Anatolian history through coins that are actually historical documents. 

Culture and history enthusiasts viewed the collection at the Antrepo N. 5 building in Istanbul. The new collection is an addition to the last 10 collections exhibited by Paşabahçe operating under Şişecam, one of world’s leading glass manufacturers. The previous Paşabahçe collections were called “Anatolian Civilizations,” “Ottoman,” “Blue and White on Glass,” “Enameled Glass,” “Words of Art on Glass,” “Mosaic,” “7,” “Aşure” (Noah’s Pudding), “Istanbul” and “Crystalline Ceramics.” “Talking Coins” features a total of 20 limited edition objects. With the latest collection, there are 382 exclusively designed, limited edition pieces, 143 of which are no longer in production. 

The coins, constituting a significant source utilized in the evaluation of findings obtained in archaeological researches, are like mirrors projecting the cultural, political, religious and economic situation of Anatolian geography from ancient eras to the 19th century, said Şişecam Vice Chairman and CEO Prof. Ahmet Kırman. 

Paşabahçe enables the stories of civilizations established in Anatolia, emperors who had reigned over these territories and historical characters who have left their traces behind, to be told from a different point of view by way of this new “Talking Coins” collection.

Speaking during the exhibition’s opening, Kırman said, “As Şişecam, one of Turkey’s most established companies, we are extremely delighted to protect our cultural heritage and contribute to the introduction of this heritage to the masses.” 

“This special collection mirrors the evolution of money – being one of the landmarks for humanity – starting from its birth in Anatolian territories. It has once more demonstrated the importance of the mission we have undertaken,” Kırman said. “With these collections, we are contributing to creating awareness of our cultural heritage.”

Kırman also said the “Talking Coins” collections reflects the lifestyle, beliefs, intention to settle, victories and alterations of human beings who have added their productiveness to the land of Anatolia over thousands of years. “We formed our collection with Anatolian coins, which bear a further meaning than being just an instrument of trade. We also include objects that mirror the stories of those coins conveyed to the present day.”