Panic on Athens-Istanbul flight

Panic on Athens-Istanbul flight

Faik Kaptan ISTANBUL – Doğan News Agency
Panic on Athens-Istanbul flight

DHA Photo

A mistaken announcement of an emergency water landing on a Turkish Airlines flight from Athens to Istanbul caused panic among passengers on Oct. 20.

Just minutes after the pilot had announced that the TK-180 flight was preparing to land in Istanbul, an announcement was made that the plane would make an emergency landing on the sea. It said passengers must return their seats to the upright position, loosen their neckties or scarves, close their tray tables and lift their window shades.

The automatic announcement was made after a member of the cabin crew accidentally pushed the emergency button, Doğan News Agency reported.

“We were shocked. Most of the Turkish passengers were praying,” one passenger said after the ordeal, adding that they saw a stewardess who noticed the mistake smiling.

Another stewardess had to explain the mistake to reassure passengers shortly after the wrong call was made.

“However, [after the clarification] we passed over the airport and returned to the Marmara Sea. So we started to ask ourselves again whether we really would be making an emergency water landing,” the passenger added.

After flying over the Marmara Sea for around 20 minutes, the plane returned to land safely at Istanbul Atatürk Airport.

“Most passengers were hugging each other after landing,” said the passenger, who also criticized Turkish Airlines for not clarifying the situation to passengers after the landing.