Özpetek’s movie hits Italian screen

Özpetek’s movie hits Italian screen

ROME - Anatolia News Agency
Özpetek’s movie hits Italian screen

Director Ferzan Özpetek (L) poses with the leading actor in the film, Elio Germano. DHA photo

Turkish director Ferzan Özpetek’s new movie, “Magnifica Presenza” (Magnificent Guest), had its premiere in Rome on Monday.

Speaking to the Anatolia news agency Feb. 18, Özpetek announced that his ninth movie, “Magnifica Presenza,” would hit Turkish cinemas in April.

As in his earlier movies, once again Ferzan Özpetek uses the songs of famous singer Sezen Aksu in the new film’s soundtrack.

Cem Yılmaz, a Turkish standup artist, who has just got married with model Ahu Yağtu, also plays a role in the movie. “He plays a character titled ‘Yusuf Antep.’ He was an old friend of mine, who I used to know during childhood,” Özpetek said. According to Özpetek, the movie is about Turkey and the Turkish way of living.

Speaking during a press conference, the movie’s lead actor Elio Germano said: “It was a pleasure to work with Ferzan Özpetek and be a part of this project,” adding that he thought Cem Yılmaz was a very talented actor: “It was a pleasure to know him. I only just met him in Italy.”

Actress Anna Proclemer said directors were not usually characters loved by everyone, but Özpetek was very popular: “Everyone loves Özpetek and his way of working with the actors and actresses.” The Istanbul premiere of Magnifica Presenza will be held on April 5. The movie will hit Turkish screens on April 6.

Özpetek, who has been living in Italy for a long time, said the new movie would be different from his previous ones, noting that he had added some “horror” to this film.

Born in Istanbul in 1959, Özpetek has been living in Italy since 1976. “Facing Windows,” “Hamam,” “The Ignorant Fairies” and “Harem Suare” are some of his best-known movies.