Ottoman paint shop to open to tourists

Ottoman paint shop to open to tourists

MUĞLA - Anadolu Agency
Ottoman paint shop to open to tourists

The remains of the centuries-old paint shop have been taken under protection. When work is completed, the are will be opened to tourists. AA Photo

The remains of a 300-year-old Ottoman paint shop, which has been discovered at the site of the ancient city of Stratonikeia in the western province of Muğla’s Yatağan district, will soon be opened to tourists.
Professor Bilal Söğüt, who heads the excavations in the area, said the site of the shop was unique. “There is no other example of a paint shop in this region. We knew from gravures that there were many agha mansions in the city in the same era and weaving and trade were very important. The paint shop confirmed our data,” Söğüt said.

He added that they had made a project to prepare the site of the shop for tourists.

“Now we have taken these artifacts under the protection of our roof. This way, everyone visiting the ancient city will see all of the units of the paint shop, including the furnace and its entrance,” Söğüt said.

He said they believed further similar findings would be uncovered, as the city’s architecture gave clues about this.

HDN Materials still clear in the paint shop

Although the area of the paint shop is small, the entrance, furnaces and the places where painting materials were kept are clear to experts.

“The area of the paint shop is located on one of the main roads of the ancient city. We don’t have any other example of it from the Ottoman era. This is why we did the conservation and took it under protection. When the work is done, visitors will be able to perceive the architecture of the era. We think this place will be very popular among visitors,” Söğüt said.

He also noted that the Ottoman era village square, along with Roman era temples, baths and a parliamentary building, had drawn considerable attention in the ancient city of Stratonikeia.