Ottoman mosque to be lifted by 3 meters from ground

Ottoman mosque to be lifted by 3 meters from ground

Ottoman mosque to be lifted by 3 meters from ground

A historical Ottoman mosque on the banks of the Tunca River in the northwestern province of Edirne will be restored in an unusual way: Lifting it 3 meters from the ground to prevent it from being affected by floods.

The Evliya Kasım Pasha Mosque, constructed in 1479 by a commander of the Ottoman forces during the reign of Sultan Mehmed II, has not been in use since 1950 due to its location as it poses a risk arising from sudden floods.

The mosque, whose majestic minaret collapsed and cracks developed on its walls over time, was left to its fate after mansions and other significant structures around the region were demolished due to environmental factors.

Launching a project on the mosque and conducting ground surveys in 2016, the Regional Directorate of Foundations eventually started a restoration process after getting the project approval from the Cultural Heritage Regional Conservation Board.

The historical mosque will be restored by lifting it 3 meters from the ground as part of the project.
“First of all, we will strengthen the mosque where it is, then we will raise it by 3 meters, that is, 50 centimeters more than the maximum flood level,” said Osman Güneren, a provincial official, noting that a landscaping project for the surrounding of the building was also in the plan.

“The mosque will be opened to worship and be visited for the first time after 70 years,” he added. 

The mosque is situated in the Kirişhane quarter on the north bank of the Tunca River. A masonry staircase with 14 steps was built to enable access to the mosque from the river, but it now has only two steps remaining.