Ottoman monument in Hungary receives 2 global awards

Ottoman monument in Hungary receives 2 global awards

BELGRADE- Anadolu Agency
Ottoman monument in Hungary receives 2 global awards

An Ottoman-era monument in the capital of Hungary won two awards on July 22 at the 2020 Prix d'Excellence Awards.  

The Tomb of Gul Baba in Budapest was completely renovated through the cooperation of the Turkish and Hungarian governments in 2018. 

It won the golden award in the Public Infrastructure category and silver in the Heritage category when the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) evaluated the most prestigious projects from all over the world.  

It was built by Ottoman authorities in Hungary between 1543 and 1548 in the name of Gul Baba, an Ottoman Bektashi dervish poet and companion of Sultan Suleiman I. 

The tomb has become one of the most important tourist attractions in Budapest.

The fact that the Tomb of Gul Baba was deemed worthy of two awards in the same competition highlights the international importance of the restoration of the monument.

"We are very proud and honored that the Tomb of Gul Baba has won two awards at the same time on such an important international platform," said President of the Foundation for the Protection of the Heritage of the Tomb of Gul Baba, Adnan Polat.

He said the pride and honor are the outcomes of the joint success of the Hungarian and Turkish governments, which restored the historical structure together and share many commonalities in their past, values and vision for the future.

Gul Baba

Gul Baba died Sept. 2, 1541, during the Budin campaign of Suleiman the Magnificent. According to historical records, Kanuni Sultan Suleyman personally attended his funeral prayer. 

The Gul Baba Tomb was built by Yahya Paşazade Mehmet Pasha, who was the third Budin Beylerbeyi from 1543-1548. 

The ''Spiritual Guard of Budin,'' symbolizes Turkish-Hungarian friendship and is located in the district known as the Rose Hill (Rozsadomb) in Budapest.