Ottoman family to sue popular TV dramas

Ottoman family to sue popular TV dramas

ISTANBUL – Anadolu Agency
Ottoman family to sue popular TV dramas Abdülhamid Kayıhan Osmanoğlu, the grandson of Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II (r. 1876–1909), has said his family will sue a popular TV drama for “insulting” their ancestors. 

Speaking at the 34th International Istanbul Book Fair last weekend, Osmanoğlu said historical Turkish TV dramas such as “Muhteşem Yüzyıl” (The Magnificent Century), which have become hugely popular in recent years, did not accurately reflect reality. 

“Our grandfathers ruled the world for 700 years, but unfortunately TV dramas like ‘the magnificent scandal’ [referring to ‘The Magnificent Century’] offend national and moral feelings for the Ottomans,” he said. 

“Another example is [popular drama] ‘Kösem Sultan,’ which goes beyond the Ottoman traditions. We will do our best to sue those TV dramas that insult our ancestors,” Osmanoğlu added. 

The grandson of Abdulhamid II said he had lived in Turkey since 1972, returning to the country after a period of exile. “I was the first grandchild born to the family, right after the exile. My grandmother wrote a book called ‘My Father Abdulhamid.’ I have also written a book called ‘My Grandfather Abdulhamid Han.’ It will be released soon,” he said. 

Osmanoğlu said he realized that misleading information was given about his grandfather when he was at primary school. 

“My teacher told me that I was the grandson of a traitor. I asked her to explain his treachery in one sentence, but she couldn’t say. Since then, my goal has been to tell the correct history,” he said, adding that many historians “distorted history” and so his family decided to set the record straight through the book. 

Osmanoğlu said the book would be hit the shelves next month.