Ottoman dramas increase interest in antique objects

Ottoman dramas increase interest in antique objects

Ottoman dramas increase interest in antique objects

Demand for swords and knives in the antiques sector has increased thanks to the popular Ottoman TV series, according to antique collector Ercan Eroğlu.

“Real antiques have come to light. The market is very active now,” he added.

Eroğlu, who has been collecting antique objects for many years due to his passion for antiques in the northwestern province of Bolu, has opened an antique shop after he retired from the factory where he had worked.

Having a wide range of objects in his antique shop, other than stamps, money and textiles, Eroğlu stated that the antique market has been active recently and that most of his customers were interested in swords, knives and daggers belonging to the Ottoman period.

Eroğlu stated that before the Ottoman TV series, products from the Ottoman period were not very popular in the antique sector, and it only concerned collectors and real antique lovers.

Noting that the antique sector has revived thanks to the famous Ottoman TV series, he said: “After the popular Ottoman TV series, the demand for all kinds of Ottoman products started to increase as people showed great interest in those series. The sector has revived.”

“We mostly see the arrows and swords in such series. People who admire these series and who are learning about Ottoman history again want to have such objects and collectible items. Real antiques have come to the surface. The market is very active now. Similar products are also made based on this. Even these similar products are in extreme demand from marketing sites. But of course, none of them are like the original,” Eroğlu said.

Stating that people who bought swords and daggers inspired from the Ottoman period often come back to get different products, he said, “Everyone wants to have an Ottoman dagger, sword or knife. They want to exhibit it in the most beautiful place in their home. Of course, they are not satisfied with it. Often the one who comes to us to buy Ottoman sword or dagger-like products comes back again looking for different products from the Ottoman period.”

The items in Eroğlu’s sword collection range from 2,000 Turkish Liras to 20,000 liras. The most valuable item in his sword collection is the Janissary Yatağan Sword, which was used by Janissaries in the Ottoman Empire. What makes the Janissary Yatağan Sword, which costs 20,000 liras, valuable is the gold and silver inlaid and Ottoman inscriptions adorning it.