Orff music education goes to Anatolia

Orff music education goes to Anatolia

Orff music education goes to Anatolia Within the scope of the Minik Eller Büyük Hayaller (Small Hands Big Dreams) Platform’s Anatolia Orff Music Education project, the Orff Schulwerk approach, developed by German composer Carl Orff, will be brought to Anatolia.

The project, which will start under the leadership of Turkey’s internationally acclaimed pianists Güher and Süher Pekinel and the sponsorship of Finanbank, was introduced at a meeting on April 12. 

Speaking about the project, Finansbank CEO Ömer Aras said the bank’s projects had always focused on children and added that the goal was to contribute to the improvement of children’s ability to analytically think, be creative and be solution-oriented. 

Finansbank General Director Temel Güzeloğlu said the Orff-Schulwerk approach combined natural talents and creativity. 

Speaking about the importance of raising children who are interested in the arts, Güzeloğlu said, “So far, we have carried out many projects. Mathematics and music have integrity and children who have mathematical intelligence can easily [learn] music. Mathematics and Anatolia Orff Music Education Project complete each other.” 
‘Playing instrument increases IQ’

Süher Pekinel said music contributed to children’s intelligence and learning ability, and continued: “According to Austrian researcher and music teacher Dr. Anita Collins’ data, neuroscientists’ researches show that every part of children’s brain becomes active when they begin music education at an early age. It also has positive effect in their learning ability as they age. According to data, the IQ of children who learn to play an instrument increases by 7 to 10 points.”

The Orff-Schulwerk Education and Consultancy Center Turkey Director Fatoş Cümbüş Auernig said playing games was the focus of the Orff-Schulwerk approach, thus providing an environment that could reveal their creative power. 

“The goal of this approach is not teaching music but training children,” she said. 

“Orff is an approach combining music, dance and talking. In Orff classes, all students join the class actively. As students learn something from teachers, teachers can learn something from children, too, because classes are oriented by children. All children can join Orff classes, not only children with special talents,” Auernig said. 

Orff education for teachers in Anatolia 

As part of the Anatolia Orff Music Education project, three young teachers trained by the Orff Schulwerk Center Turkey will take a special nine-month education on the Orff approach in Austria and after returning Turkey, they will give classes to 30-person teacher groups in Anatolia, including village schools. Music teachers from various countries will also participate in the two-term classes for nine months.