‘Ordinary’ Singapore exhibit at Pera

‘Ordinary’ Singapore exhibit at Pera

‘Ordinary’ Singapore exhibit at Pera

Pera Museum’s spring exhibition “Singapore Unseen” presents an in-depth study into Singapore’s rather unknown face solely visible from a local perspective. 

The exhibition brings together “ordinary” scenes from the daily life in Singapore through unique viewpoints of photographers living in the country. 

Curated by photographer TAY Kay Chin, the exhibition is the outcome of a two-year collaboration by PLATFORM, a photography collective to promote photojournalism and documentary work in Singapore and presents the works of 34 photographers. 

Officially, Singapore is a modern, cosmopolitan society of 5.6 million, made up of people who are predominantly Chinese, as well as those who are Malay, South Asian and of other ethnicities. But at a closer look one encounters layers of complexities that go beyond and even defy this neat first impression. 

In the course of time, photography in Singapore has demonstrated major progress and most importantly, many local photographers feel the urge to tackle contemporary concerns and issues. Focusing on their homeland, these photographers present their own singular angle of their experience. This selection of 35 photographers’ works about Singapore reflects a pervasive consciousness of what lies beyond the glossy façade of the city—or between its cracks. The images present a closer look at the minutiae of everyday life, the people and places that tend to be overlooked or taken for granted, and the icons of Singapore success that can be tested and pierced to reveal their hollow centers. 

Many of the photographers in this project are Singaporeans, while a handful of them are long-time visitors and residents who originated from other parts of the world. Collectively, their images show the world what Singapore means to them. 

The exhibition “Singapore Unseen” sheds light on the unknown face of Singapore and is on view through May 20.

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