Long live Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Long live Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) is currently marking its 35th anniversary since its proclamation. It is a very strange republic because it is perhaps the only state established with the declared aim and intention of constituting the Turkish Cypriot leg of a resolution of the Cyprus problem in a two-state federation, confederation or whatever.

Unfortunately, not since the 35 years of existence of their state but ever since they were expelled by gun force from the partnership of the Cyprus republic in December 1963, all efforts for a resolution fell victim to Greek and Greek Cypriot greed not to share power.

Greek Cypriot propaganda is often centered on the missing people and those killed in the 1974 Turkish intervention on the island. It is only natural to grieve for the missing or fallen sons, daughters or fathers. To what extent claims of ill treatment of war prisoners, rape claims and such unacceptable collateral damage of the war atmosphere are correct, we cannot be sure.

Such crimes during war time cannot be acceptable under any condition. No one should try to find an excuse for those barbaric acts by pointing at stories of Turkish Cypriot men and women who went missing, murdered and dumped into wells or siblings sprayed with automatic weapons and who lost their lives in the arms of their mother in the tub of a bathroom. War is very bad. But, killing your own people with the aim and intention of achieving ethnic cleansing and terminating their share in the land and governance of a country, can only be described as genocidal acts that ought to be among crimes against humanity.

Since 1974, the Turkish Cypriot people have security. They are no longer going missing while going to work at British bases or while trying to buy a loaf of bread in the Greek neighborhood of Nicosia.

They have economic difficulties from time to time but the per capita income of the Turkish Cypriot people has exceeded $15,000, while when they were kicked out of joint government in 1963, it was less than $150, and just before the 1974 Turkish intervention it was only around $450 dollars, thanks to the portion of Turkish food and financial assistance allowed to be delivered to Turkish Cypriots by the government taken over by force by Greek Cypriots.

Northern Cyprus is a democracy and there are people who only consider their individual wellbeing and aspire to live together with Greek Cypriots as members of a minority group. Yet, an overwhelming majority of Turkish Cypriots are as loyal to their struggle for a decent life, partnership share in government and all resources of the island like their hero forefathers.

Briefing his people about his “loose federation” and “decentralization” ideas this week, Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades provided a detailed reflection of his ill and obsessive “all is ours” mentality. In summary, in exchange of settling the Cyprus problem in a loose federation with strong component states, Turkish Cypriots should give up their demands for the continuation of Turkish guarantees and related security arrangements while one must also agree to drop the demand of “effective participation” for a “functionality” of the state, he said.

He also gave an example, pointing at the hydrocarbon issues and the suggested Eastern Mediterranean pipeline all through the Mediterranean. He said if the approval of one Turkish Cypriot cabinet member was to be required and if all Turks want the pipeline to pass through Turkey, the EastMed would become history, even if Cyprus, Israel, Egypt and Greece wanted it and the project was supported by the European Union.

As is often said, the bravest of the gypsies lists his crimes while boasting what a great person he is. Of course, no offense is intended and this term is used to show the crooked mentality of Anastasiades. If there is such a mentality on the Greek Cypriot side, is there any meaning to start a new round of the Cyprus talks process, knowing there are more than sufficient signs that it is doomed to collapse?

Turkish Cypriots have no more time to spend with futile talks. It is high time to concentrate on two states in the EU and thus on establishing an effective federation through EU membership. Instead of wasting precious time and energy with talks doomed to collapse, Turkish Cypriots must use their time and resources to consolidate their state.

Long live the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.