Person for the AKP, profile for the CHP

Person for the AKP, profile for the CHP

Before the local elections, the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) was working on three scenarios for the presidential election. The best scenario was that the Justice and Development Party (AKP) would receive below 40 percent of the votes and that the CHP would gain more than 30 percent.

The medium scenario was independent of vote rates but the band between the two parties was relatively low. The bad scenario was the AKP gaining more than 40 percent and the CHP lower than 30 percent, and that is what happened.

The AKP and its supporters, together with turncoats, are staging such psychological operations that it is as if there were only two candidates in question:  Abdullah Gül and Tayyip Erdoğan; these two will agree and one of them will be elected president. It is this much certain?

With the results of the local elections, the presidential elections have come to the forefront. The AKP supporters and the turncoats immediately started pumping “Erdoğan will ascend to the Çankaya Presidential Mansion,” even though, from the point of the AKP, first it is difficult to be elected with only AKP votes. In order to be elected, there is a need for an alliance of Gül and Erdoğan but there must be an alliance with the CHP or in general with the opposition.

The presidential election is viewed by the AKP through persons, but the CHP views it through profiles. The CHP does not mention a person but brainstorms on “what kind of candidate should he/she be?”
The AKP has two candidates: Gül and Erdoğan. The CHP has this profile: The candidate should be such a person that the grassroots of the CHP should approve of him/her 100 percent. In the second round, especially the National Movement Party (MHP) should support the candidate and also the person should not be contradictory to the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP). Also, the person should be able to gain votes even from the AKP in the second round.

This profile reminds of this: A candidate who the left and the conservative segments will favor, somebody who will make them meet, reconcile them…

The CHP is looking for a candidate suitable for this profile, but there is no name yet. I don’t think they will wait for a name too long. Once it is decided between Gül and Erdoğan, then the opposition will name a candidate.

The Çankaya elections are always full of surprises and it is never “in the bag.” Nobody can determine it by himself.

At the constitutional court

First a court has decided to stay the execution of the Twitter ban. Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç said, “We will abide by the court decision,” and as always he has put himself in a contradictory position. The statement from AKP was just the opposite: “We will not comply.”

The rule of law has once more been trampled on; nobody cares about a court decision or else. The Constitutional Court (AYM) stepped in. As a result of an application, the Twitter ban was lifted.

The critical point in the AYM decision is this: Because the government did not abide by the court’s stay of execution decision, the Supreme Court ruled to lift the ban, making a call for the rule of law. 

With this decision, the AYM has reminded Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan of the rule of law but the PM said, “I have no respect for this decision.” I am not the least bit surprised.

Power distribution unit

The world’s press has been busy the last week with the “cats” that entered the power distribution unit.

There was a power cut in 35 provinces while votes were being counted, with Energy Minister Taner Yıldız blaming cats that entered power distribution units for the outages. Let’s ask Yıldız:

-When in Turkey have cats entered power distribution units simultaneously?
-What measures were imposed against the cats that entered these units?
-What kind of investigation was conducted into those who let the cats in?
-There are power cuts from time to time; are the cats to be blamed for all of them?
-Why are power distribution units not protected against cats?