Breaking point of the regime: MİT

Breaking point of the regime: MİT

From now on, when “national security and the interests of the country” are mentioned, everybody will stop and only the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) will speak. With the bill being debated in Parliament, the MİT will siege the entire system.

The MİT is being equipped with extraordinary powers over public institutions, banks, the media and even the judiciary. If the MİT wants, it will be able to obtain any information from public institutions and banks. It will go into accounts in any way it wants. Anything like a commercial secret is dead as of now.

It will be able to call everybody into account on the grounds that “crime has been committed against state secrets” through such crimes as bribery, professional misconduct, integrity of the country and changing the constitutional order. Not the judiciary, it will be the MİT. And it will be able to conduct operations abroad by its own will.

Shield for MİT

The MİT, which will be able to monitor the entire society by the way of flexible concepts, is being enclosed by splendid protection.

According to the Constitution, an order or a direction cannot be lawless; if it is, then prosecutors launch an investigation against those who have ordered it. From now on, this does not apply to the MİT. In the case of a complaint, the prosecutor will ask the MİT and if the MİT answers, “This is my jurisdiction,” then there is nothing the prosecutor can do. It is enough for the government to say it is under its assurance. It is a shield above the Constitution.

CHP deputy Kart asks

We are stepping into a system that does not even have a name in a state that respects rule of law. Main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) deputy Atilla Kart, in his objection in Parliament, said, “With this bill, the National Intelligence Organization will besiege the regime over the Office of the Prime Ministry, the Interior Ministry and associated structures; it will destroy justice. It will make society speechless. All other norms will be subject to the MİT norms. The MİT will simply be above the Constitution.”

Nobody is noticing it, but the already heavily injured regime is now breaking apart.

Uludere intelligence

This is taken from parliamentary records, (11.04.2014): “The intelligence of all the operations conducted by the Armed Forces in the country, at borders and at the coasts is provided by the National Intelligence Organization [MİT]. It is the Armed Forces where the MİT provides the most intelligence.”

These words belong to Deputy Prime Minister Beşir Atalay, while the MİT bill was being debated. CHP deputy Levent Gök, upon Atalay’s words, recalled the Uludere massacre:

“In Uludere where 34 people died, the prime minister denied claims that the intelligence belonged to the MİT. Atalay now is confessing it. The MİT bill, with its new format, is protecting the MİT and Uludere is being pushed into the dark tunnels of Ankara.”

When the Office of the Prosecutor of the General Staff declared to proceed no further on the Uludere case, the file, upon objection, was sent to the Office of the Prosecutor of the Air Force Command. Months have passed, nothing has been heard yet.