İzmir’s quality is rising

İzmir’s quality is rising

The Aegean province of İzmir has been shining strikingly in the last couple of years, sprinting like a fast marathon runner.

Today the torch of İzmir, a city that generates 6 percent of Turkey’s national income, is shining even brighter.

It is the only city where real estate prices, after being cleared of inflation, have increased in the last one year.

The real estate prices declined 4.3 percent in Istanbul and 3.2 percent in Ankara, but rose 7.7 percent in İzmir.

Ok, so what are we going to link this to?

Is it the people, reflecting their spirit on to cities and local managements, who are protecting the distinct identity of their cities?

When speaking about İzmir, the second factor we must also discuss is the “qualified migration” the city receives.

The locals of İzmir are drawing attention to the migration their city receives from other cities, but especially those who are from higher-income segments from Istanbul.

These are educated people who are interested in art and cultural activities and have environmental awareness and hobbies. They enjoy and spend money on dining and drinking.

İzmir is a “historical attraction point,” a quality still valid for not only Istanbul but also surrounding districts.

And of course, İzmir is an indisputably comfortable place for women.

It is a city of freedom.

It fits all criteria of being a “livable city.”

Those who move to the city ensure there are opportunities where they can benefit from the cultural and social environments.

Local management’s route is important

The main issue lies in the route the local management will take for the city. What kind of a city life, environment management and, most importantly, a construction design will it have?

İzmir Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said the issue of urban renewal must not be seen as something that needs to “demolish and reconstruct” the city.

He said urban renewal does not necessarily have to be gentrification, but rather can be conducted by taking into account protecting environmental and social elements.

Livable city

It is important that the local management reaches surrounding districts with agriculture and tourism and joins them with the city for sustainability.

It is a policy that would strengthen it to become a “livable city.”

Today, this is a quality embraced strongly by “qualified people.”

This also increases the material value of the “livable cities.”

The urge to escape blocks of concrete buildings in big cities speeds up the flow of people moving to “livable cities.”

It is definite that İzmir’s economic value will rise even more, and it will attract more qualified people, as long as it builds agriculture and tourism areas in its surroundings and develops its transport network.

This gives the local managements an important “political code” and a chance to maneuver.

As long as the local managements protect and keep the city structure alive and ensure the qualified population lives in harmony with the city, a “livable city” will emerge and rise.

Uğur Gürses, hdn, Opinion,