Turkish Airlines should move to the new airport in May instead of December

Turkish Airlines should move to the new airport in May instead of December

Turkish Airlines (THY) will move to the new airport on Dec. 31. That is what the statements indicate.

To what degree is the timing appropriate? It will be in the middle of the winter.

How wise is it to move under snow, ice, heavy rain and the rough winds blowing from the Black Sea? To what degree is it appropriate for pilots to make a landing there for the first time?

It is the time of year with the lowest number of passengers and flights. But I am looking at long-term weather projections. There is a probability of high margin of error.

Still, there is freezing cold, heavy rains and fog that becomes very dense from time to time.

Obviously, aviation is handling meteorological difficulties. The number of aviation accidents due to meteorological reasons are decreasing compared to the past.

Pilots and advanced systems prevent adventures.

Still, we are talking of a brand new airport. Several pilots will most likely be landing there for the first time on that date. The conditions are unknown.

There might not be an acute problem due to pilots landing for the first time but the first time is always a challenge.

Even if they practice with simulators, real time always leads to anxieties.

Why hurry?

THY is planning to fly from the new airport in the first stage to Ankara, Adana, İzmir, Baku and Northern Cyprus.

Ticket sales are planning to start in the coming days. Let’s say a passenger arrived from Baku. How will they continue their journey to Kayseri? Will they take a taxi and go to Atatürk Airport? Anyway, it does not make sense.

Why is there a need to rush and hurry the process?

What do we need that for? What is the rush of the transfer on the highways with trucks? I do not want to think of an accident. There are millions of dollars’ worth of equipment. They could seriously be damaged in case of an accident.

It is not easy to replace an item even if you pay for it. I do not understand the logic of forcing a transfer for a period like January, February or March known in our aviation history as the period with the most unfortunate incidents.

All right, the opening will take place on Oct. 29. Obviously, this will be a symbolic opening.

The rest is planned to be completed speedily. But aviation cannot handle speed.

Speed could lead to serious problems. Turkish Airlines should object. The opening should be prolonged until May. Then, the transfer will take place in a more relaxed atmosphere and there will be less risk.

It is possible to be proud of constructing one of the world’s biggest airports. We have seen that the construction was speedy.

But there are still several shortcomings.

I do not want to think about it but God forbid if there was an accident due to this rush, the third airport will have to live with a taint that it does not deserve.

Even if there were an incident where the plane went off the runway, it would be very saddening.

THY’s brand name should not be tainted. May is a much better date.

Please, let’s think it over.