In what capacity do members of the RTÜK impose their backward mentalities?

In what capacity do members of the RTÜK impose their backward mentalities?

Where else did the RTÜK not mingle? The Supreme Board of Radio and Television (RTÜK) regarded music videos as porn.

It stated that the “cha cha” and “mambo” dancers in an entertainment show were “erotic” and the costumes of the female dancers were “obscene.”

In a women’s show, after the presenter asked a female participant if she had flirted before, it determined that “these kinds of questions” caused the producers to receive a fine of 234,000 Turkish Liras.

It sent a warning to a channel because of a cartoon.

Dancers in a soap opera were regarded as “half naked women dancing” and the show was warned again and yet again that this would have a negative influence over children and the youth.
When a television channel hosted the cheerleaders of a basketball team, it barely escaped punishment. It turns out to be that during their show, the cameras were focusing on “certain areas” of the female dancers, negatively influencing the development of kids.

A teaser for the M.U.C.K. serial was found “erotic,” garnering a fine of 400,000 liras. The reason for this is that girls went onstage in shorts, swimsuits, panty hose and tights. Sexual moves, to a great extent, were depicted during the dance. The girl in shorts was doing erotic moves on the floor.

Girls and men were lining up one after the other and they swayed toward each other.

The whole group was lining up one after the other and shaking forward and backward. The dance ended with erotic looks and postures.

If kids watched this, their sexual behaviors would be harmed, they would experience psychological trauma, they would be aroused prematurely and they would develop a sexual addiction.
The most absurd activity of the RTÜK was the “upper lip-lower lip” report.

The kissing scene in the serial “Kara Para Aşk” used the “lip-o-suction” method popular among young people and this was against sexual morals, the RTÜK said.

While one couple was sucking the lower lip of the other, the other was sucking the upper lip of the first. This kissing style was against sexual morals. Here, it was one or two steps beyond kissing. This had content that would harm the physical, mental and moral development of children and youth.

The latest bomb from the RTÜK is the 410,000 lira fine for Kanal D. The show “Ben Bilmem Eşim Bilir” (I have No Idea; My Partner Knows Best) was against public morality and was damaging the Turkish family structure.

Male contestants were made to dance with women who were not their wives. The scene became one that encouraged men to cheat on their wives and presented an environment that troubled the peace of families.

A man can only dance with his wife and a woman can only dance with her husband; is that not so?
If you think member of the RTÜK are child and family psychologists, then you are wrong. There is a constitutional law professor among them, a couple of them are graduates of political sciences, others communications. One of them is a graduate of the geography department, another on is an electronic engineer.

I wonder, with what capacity are these individuals able to determine the moral texture of an entire nation?

With what expertise are they able to pass on opinions about what will affect the moral, mental and physical development of children and the youth?

With which competence are they able to impose their outdated mentalities on us?

Let me articulate it then: Turkey is not Iran; pull yourselves together.

Even if we make the head of “Diyanet” (Religious Affairs) occupy the seat of the RTÜK, be sure that he would not go this far!