What will Davutoğlu tell his electorate?

What will Davutoğlu tell his electorate?

I had written an article on the night of June 7 when the first results of the election were revealed and said, “He will have to force early elections.”

This is what I had written: “In normal democracies, a coalition will be formed. Reaching a consensus is good.

But as far as the Justice and Development Party (AKP) is concerned, there is an obstacle in front of the consensus and that is Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Because he knows that in a coalition government he cannot say he will be the head of the executive.

“He will have to retreat to constitutional limits. The president might force early elections. I am curious how the AKP will tell its electorate, ‘You made me the first party but I was unable to form the government, sorry.’

And what will be the reaction of the people?”

I am still curious…

The role of the Gendarmerie

An investigation has been opened by the Gendarmerie against Lt. Col. Mehmet Alkan for what he said at the funeral of his brother, Col. Ali Alkan. We will see the result of the investigation. We will see if the discipline rules of the Gendarmerie have been violated or not by words which were uttered with the pain of a person who has lost a brother.

But it would be good if we learn this as well:

A news article has been published by the pro-government media about Mehmet Alkan. It said Alkan was sentenced to 25 days due to a crime against his superior and he had made an individual application to the Constitutional Court and won his case.

It is very clear why this news was being published in the pro-government media.

They want to humiliate Lt. Col. Alkan.

Because according to the AKP media, what he said shows he is from the “parallel structure” (Gülenists), that he is an “Alevi,” and even a “terrorist.”

There can be only one source of the news published in the pro-government media: the Gendarmerie.

It looks like the information that should have been kept secret was leaked to the pro government media.

Will the Gendarmerie also investigate who leaked this secret information?

Waiting for the big prize

When I read the words about Energy Minister Taner Yıldız, that he wanted to be a martyr, I recalled the joke about the man who used to pray to god every day to win the big prize in the lottery yet never bought a lottery ticket.

We have a minister like a joke but I don’t feel like laughing.

Because I recall when he used the word “martyr” in the past and I feel frustrated.

For instance he said on May 13, 2014, after the accident in the Soma mine:

“I have brothers that have become martyrs, but I cannot give information about the numbers. They are below the soil and clear air is being given to them.”

When Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu revealed austerity measures in public, he had bought a Mercedes for the ministry. Some 708,000 Turkish Liras came out of the state’s case.

That’s what I recalled.

These Muslim brothers of ours love Mercedes; they might be dreaming about becoming a martyr while they daydream in the back of their Mercedes.