What does the head of the intelligence agency say to all of this?

What does the head of the intelligence agency say to all of this?

We are living in a country that is the “big brother of the Middle East.” Our president is a world leader; everybody bows before him. He scares everyone from Barack Obama to François Hollande.

His vision is unprecedented; people from different nations of the world are wishing that they had such a leader to elevate their country as he did Turkey.

However, if what the “pool” media writes is true, then again foreign provocateurs were able to do things to turn Turkey upside down. Foreign secret services fed these people; they have deployed them in different places in Turkey. According to the pool media, there were “sleeping cells.” They were woken up with one sign and started protesting, turning the surroundings into a battlefield. 

One is naturally astounded in such a situation.

Is the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) that is headed by a “world leader’s most important man” this weak? While foreign provocateurs were able to infiltrate the country with the help of secret services, the MİT was sleeping and did not recognize them.

The MİT’s sleep was so deep that the provocateurs were not noticed until they took up arms and took to the streets.

I am really curious what the head of MİT, Hakan Fidan, would say to this. Is that true, Mr. Fidan, what the pool media is writing? Your entire organization was sleeping and did not notice all of this? If you did notice them, then why did you catch them and deport them immediately?

From pro-government media

This story was published in the “pool” paper yesterday: “Police were able to collect concrete evidence through the images that were printed by daily Sabah yesterday. A thorough investigation is ongoing about the claims that certain foreign services were also involved.”

This story was printed in the inside pages of the paper in a one column with a small headline.

When they had such an important piece of news, why did they not make it a headline? One day before it was the headline. The next day, the police announced they found concrete evidence through images. But you use this inside pages, why?

Is it an editorial mistake or is this story made up?

Like a colonial governor

One other of the “world leader’s” favorite, Interior Minister Efkan Ala, said “we would respond in kind” to those who used violence during the Kobane demonstrations.

Maybe it is because he thinks he is a colonial governor. He has not yet grasped that he is a minister of a government that has come to power by democratic means in a democratic country.

What do you mean “retaliate in kind?” Does it mean, “If you shoot one bullet, I will shoot two?”
Is it “if you break one glass, I will break two?” Or is it, “if you kill one person, I will kill two?”

No sir, an interior minister of a democratic country cannot talk like this. These are words that we may hear from statesmen of fascist, authoritarian regimes.

What you need to do is not exert violence in kind in retaliation to those who have been violent. Your duty is to identify them, collect evidence and turn them over to justice.

Their punishment is written in our laws. You only catch them, hand them over to justice and justice will give their punishments, not you.

When the police give punishments, then these regimes are not called democracy. You may yearn for that but, here we have rule of law, even though from the edge.

A dream comes true

The Police School in Etiler, a very expensive district in Istanbul, has been closed. The Cabinet decided for it.

When the school was closed, naturally its 32-decare plot will need to be “evaluated.”

It is incredibly precious, right next to Akmerkez. This plot was declared a “risky area” before and the plot was handed over to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

The greater municipality then changed the development plan to enable the building of a mall, hotel and residence there.

If you remember, this plot was one of the favorite topics of the intercepted phone conversations that were posted on the Internet after Dec. 17, 2013.

Now, we wonder who will have this plot. Well, of course whoever the president finds suitable.