What a strong fuse this was!

What a strong fuse this was!

Hüseyin Gülerce was one of the most important figures in the Fethullah Gülen Community. He quit daily Zaman because of the community-government fight and he recently gave a long interview to Ahmet Hakan at daily Hürriyet. He said some interesting things, which I have to point out to. Gülerce talked about the staffing of the community members within the state, “When these people [the ones that were placed in the state bureaucracy by the community] are doing their jobs with instructions received from the community, I say no to this. It is impossible to defend this within a democracy. This is where my fuse blows.” I have to say Gülerce had a very strong “fuse,” which lasted a long time before it blew.

To be frank, one is astonished, befuddled, to see how much time Gülerce has lost before understanding what the community he has been a member of for so many years was trying to do, the one he occupied the top position of. So much time has gone by and the right time came only when a headline in daily Zaman was printed and opened his eyes. I am wondering where he was, where his conscious was, when people were plotted against with the help of prosecutors and police, while the community’s media was fueling this situation, when people were “earmarked,” really where?

The most interesting of all was his answer to the criticisms about “the government closing an eye to corruption incidents.” Gülerce asked his interviewer Hakan, “But Mr. Hakan, how many people, what percentage is saying that?” While Gülerce was talking about the community’s activities, one cannot stop oneself from thinking: Could it be that, his parting with the community is part of a bigger plan? Could it be that he was programmed as a Trojan Horse to infiltrate the AKP as a “precaution?”

I just wanted to suggest the Justice and Development Party (AKP) to keep their eyes wide open.

‘Coup’ in seven questions

Gülerce reiterated what he told Hakan “The Dec. 17 and Dec. 25 operations of 2013 were coup attempts against the government” in his statement at the office of the prosecutor.  Since the declaration of the corruption investigations as “coup attempts,” we have been seeking answers to the same questions, but nobody has stepped forward and provided the answers.

The first question is this: Who put that much money into the houses of a bank manager, the houses of the sons of Cabinet ministers, in their shoe boxes, in steel cases?

The second question: For example, Reza Zarrab, who sent $500,000 each in suit bags, shoe boxes and chocolate trays to Cabinet ex-minister Egemen Bağış, did he do this to validate the community’s coup attempt?

The third question: The document that contained Cabinet ex-minister Zafer Çağlayan’s code name in the list of bribes and that millions of dollars were taken to him, how did this document find its way to Zarrab’s office? Who placed it there?

The fourth question: The person who sent Çağlayan the watch worth 700,000 Turkish Liras, was that person Fethullah Gülen himself, disguised as one of Zarrab’s men?

The fifth question: Muammer Güler’s $10 million, was that money drawn from the community’s account and given to him?

The sixth question: The money that was not able to be spent after many tries, was that much money placed in the house best protected in Turkey by men from the community?

The seventh question: Which army members constituted the junta that was to stage the coup using all of these people?

Here, the witness is yours…