The reason why they don’t like Aydın Doğan

The reason why they don’t like Aydın Doğan

If an alien who is not aware of the situation in Turkey had read the pro-government newspapers, he would have thought that:

There are two political leaders in Turkey and they are heading to an election. One of them is currently the president.

The other one is both the main opposition and the “little” opposition; he not only supports terrorism but also backs the [Fethullah Gülen] community.

In addition, the latter has newspapers, television channels, magazines, radios, and his name is Aydın Doğan.

These two will run in the elections and one of them will win, while the other one loses.

An alien could only think this in the current situation.

But we are not living in the outer space, there is no politician named Aydın Doğan and he is not running in the elections.

We very well know the reason why the only person the president and the pro-government media deals with is Aydın Doğan, while the country has thousands of problems.

They don’t like Aydın Doğan, they want to destroy him, because he is the symbol of the last piece of press freedom in this country.

If you are working in his media group, you can freely write and express your thoughts.

And they do not like this a bit.

They want to have the entire media under control, so that any kind of opposition cannot find a medium to have its voice heard.

They want this, because they know that if the looting system they have established will come down one day, this will be the reason.

That is why they want to frighten and intimidate Aydın Doğan, and eventually make him sell his media group and go away.

As long as he does not kneel down, they lose their control.

They repeat the very same lies they have chewed for years although those lies were slammed on their faces by courts.

They still can’t see that it will not work.