Sometimes everything is as it looks

Sometimes everything is as it looks

The co-chair of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), Selahattin Demirtaş, called the violence, vandalism and murders that happened during Kobane demonstrations a “provocation.”

If you listen to the government and the pro-government media, the incidents are a result of “the chaos lobby.” Their target is to sabotage the “resolution process.” Those who wanted to sabotage the peace process made people take to the streets, producing those scenes of violence and vandalism.

It is also one of the most fashionable trends of the day to find a “parallel structure” under everything. According to some, this parallel structure is behind the recent incidents.

As you can see, the government is innocent and the HDP has been the victim of provocateurs. This is, of course, a situation that is not too uncommon in our country.

But sometimes things are exactly as they look.

If the HDP was aware of its responsibility, instead of making calls to its followers to take to the streets, it could have organized open-air demonstrations where security measures could have easily be taken. Then what would the provocateurs have done?

This is not the first time that this political movement has organized a rally, meeting or march. In which one of them was the result like this?

Then we come to those who suggest that those responsible are the dark powers, the "chaos lobby," the Gezi people, the "parallel structure," the dirty alliance of Twitter users and the foreign media…  

Well, you wouldn’t expect them to come out and say, “The reason for all this is the dumb Syrian policies of our guys.” This is why, after the appearance of any failure or any incompetence that they are responsible for, a new kind of lobby emerges. This time it is the “chaos lobby.”

If the government had defined the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) as a terror organization openly and clearly from day one, instead of giving credit to such nonsense as “we should look into the reasons for their emergence” as if it was defending ISIL, would the Kurds in the region think Turkey was behind ISIL?

If the peace process was a thing beyond just a means to make the country incident-free until the elections, if Turkey had really experienced a democratic initiative, would the country be so fragile?

If it wasn’t for your policies that turned our Syrian border into Peshawar, there wouldn’t have been an ISIL, and neither would there be these other developments in the region.

What kind of outcome do you expect if you select your civilian authorities, police directors, police chiefs and finally your police officers not based on merit and knowledge, but rather based on criterion that “he is one of us"?

Do incompetent public administrators and incompetent police chiefs have no role in elevating the incidents to this level? If you are looking for a chaos lobby, just look in the mirror.

Whatever you see, I would call it the “incompetence lobby,” but names don't matter.

The blindness caused by sectarian foreign policies, not being able to know the limits of your strength, trying to act in way that is impossible, toying with the nation for years with the “peace process” and still not coming up with anything, engaging in partisanship in the public administration, wishing to do politics on the back of the uncontrollable masses you have deployed to town squares, and not being able to foresee developments – these are the things that are responsible for the vandalism and the violence that has killed so many.