Nothing is a surprise in Turkey anymore

Nothing is a surprise in Turkey anymore

“I would not be astonished again at anything after having seen that.”

It is not possible for me to remember how many times I had said this sentence concerning our heavenly homeland.

We come across such kinds of things that make us petrified with our eyes wide open, guarding our tongue, swallowing.

And these things don’t happen once a month or once a year. If we make more of an effort, we can append a ‘’Turkish signature’’ on such events almost every day.

This is the reason behind my gut, which says, ‘’No way, not that much’’ in response to a ‘’broadcast access ban’’ issued by one court.

I do not know who asked for the ban, by which motives and how the court accepted it, but the truth is a court in İzmir issued a ban to access news about a Supreme Court’s decision.

This is what happened:

Dr. Deniz Yazıcı on duty at a research hospital in İzmir, is beaten by police officers asking for his identification card in front of his house. Later, he is taken to empty terrain and beaten again. From there, he is taken to the police station, this time he is completely unclothed and beaten naked.

As you know, in our country officials argue that torture is not a systemic practice.

It might be partially true. 

But the ‘’systematic’’ thing is, torturers are under the absolute protection of their superiors and the judiciary.

Thus, in this event the relevant police officers did not receive any penalty. We do not know for sure if they were given a pat on their back either.

In response to this, Dr. Yazıcı applied to the Supreme Court claiming a violation of rights; the court decides in favor of the doctor and condemns the Republic of Turkey to pay 20,000 Turkish Liras in compensation.

We are paying this penalty from our taxes so that the torturers who are police officers can roam comfortably.

The court, is putting an access ban on the news about the Supreme Court’s decision.

When this ban was in the news on OdaTV, the court removed the ban, saying it was done by mistake!


A new case had been opened for the important actors, the prosecutors and the police officers of the sham legal cases, which were set up to infiltrate the state and especially the Armed Forces by the Fetullahçı gang.

This organization worked as a whole in the lawsuits of Ergenekon, Balyoz, Military Spying and Fenerbahçe.
A group created fake evidence. Another group, opened a case with this evidence, others arrested the ones that were turned into suspects. Another group legitimized the case, manipulating the media to hide the flimsy evidence and carried out the propaganda facilities.

Since all of this was within an organization, it was controlled by some people and provided financial resources and contacts. The members in the judiciary and the police who carried out this plan are on trial.
I wonder about the situation of the ones who were in the organization as executives at the time, but who later showed repentance.

Normally, these people must also be judged. For example, Hüseyin Gülerce, a publicly open spokesman of this gang, later saw their dark side and showed loyalty to the ruling party, but he was at a high enough level to be held responsible when this gang had committed the most vicious crimes. I am curious, is it enough to say “I regret it” to be saved from trials?