Mysterious incident on July 16

Mysterious incident on July 16

One of the events that still maintains its “mystery” about the coup attempt perpetrated by the Fethullahist gang is what Mehmet Dişli, with his major general rank, experienced on the day of July 16, 2016, when he was on duty at the Chief of Staff headquarters. He is also the brother of ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) deputy chair Şaban Dişli. 

We also know that Mehmet Dişli seized Chief of General Staff Gen. Hulusi Akar, took him to the Akıncı Air Base in Ankara, told him to lead the coup and threatened him with a gun. 

There is also another thing we know; and that is a very mysterious situation. When the coup was suppressed and the chief of general staff and his team at the Akıncı base were saved, Akar took a helicopter to the Çankaya Mansion. 

Ever since the construction of the palace ended, the Çankaya Mansion has been used by the Prime Ministry. There was a crisis management center set up there and the prime minister headed the situation from that center. 

Mehmet Dişli was among the soldiers who got off the helicopter that brought Akar to Çankaya Mansion. Mehmet Dişli worked in this crisis management center at the Prime Ministry for about seven hours. While he was informing his brother on the phone, he was detained by policemen and later a court had arrested him. 

This is the “mystery.” 

Akar boarded a helicopter together with a soldier he personally knew that was a putschist. After they arrived in Çankaya, Akar also overlooked that the coup plotter worked for seven hours at the crisis center. 

1- Let’s assume he did not want to hand over Mehmet Dişli to the police, who saved him at the Akıncı Base, and did not say anything against Mehmet Dişli boarding the helicopter. Why then did he not demand the arrest of him as soon as they landed? 

2- How did he allow Mehmet Dişli to work for seven hours at the crisis management center? 

3 - During these seven hours, how did Mehmet Dişli contribute to decisions?  

4 - Were there any decisions that Dişli made alone and executed at this crisis center? 

We don’t know the answers of these questions. 

Did the chief of general staff experience, at an empty moment, the trauma? Or was there an evaluation mistake again as he did in the afternoon of July 15? 

Members from the AKP in the parliamentary investigation committee prevented the chief of general staff from coming to parliament and answering the “national will.” 

More interestingly, the prosecutor interrogating Dişli also did not wonder and feel the need to ask these questions to the chief of general staff. 

I am sure that during Dişli’s trial, the trial prosecutor also will not ask this question. 

I wonder if the chief of general staff, himself, would like to explain how this was possible. 

The matter of ‘deceiving and being deceived’ 

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said, “I’ve never deceived or have been deceived in my political life,” whereas, we know of two incidents he personally confessed, the ones the 15-year-old AKP rule has made this country pay the biggest price. 

The first one has been confessed with these words of his: “During the resolution process, our governors, in compliance with the instructions we gave, were not involved, in a serious manner, in the operations against the terror organizations. We hoped that they [outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party - PKK] would clean up their act, maybe they would not go on like this, but unfortunately they did not. On the contrary, during this process, unfortunately they entered a preparatory stage; we evaluated [later].” 

During the “resolution process” the military was also ordered “not to clash with the PKK.” When the military asked for a permit to stage an operation, governors rejected them. 

All hell broke loose, as you know when the AKP changed its policy because it lost its majority in parliament in the June 2015 elections. 

Several towns in the southeast were destroyed and dozens of innocent civilians including women and children lost their lives in the incidents. At least 500,000 people lost their homes and businesses; there were hundreds of martyrs. 

Why did all this happen? It was because the PKK deceived Erdoğan. 

It was not anybody else but him again who made the biggest mistake that led to the July 15 coup attempt; as a matter of fact, he also confessed this personally. 

“We thought we were going to the same destination from different paths,” he said, admitting that the Fethullahists had deceived him. 

We know the consequences of that “deception.” More than 200 of our citizens have been martyred and shot by the putschists. More than 100,000 civil servants were placed in the state by this Fethullahist gang; this was disclosed. Financial means of the state and municipalities were offered as benefits to this gang; that was also revealed. 

Why did this all happen? It was because Erdoğan was deceived by the Fethullahists. 

He also said he was never the deceiver. Is that really so?