Education director decides which songs to be played in shuttle buses

Education director decides which songs to be played in shuttle buses

The provincial education director of the Mediterranean city of Antalya, speaking at the Antalya Chamber of School Shuttles, said the following: “Girls will not sit in the front seat of shuttles; they will take the back seats. The ones taking the front seats will absolutely be boys.”

The story on this was published in daily local newspaper Antalya Körfez. According to the director’s statement, the reason for this is “safety.”

I have to admit, I didn't get this. I mean, is the life of female students more valuable than the life of male students? Is the director trying to make “positive discrimination?”

Well, good, but don’t these boys have a life, have parents also? They were not found inside a tree hollow, were they?  

I was raised in Antalya; we were all weak boys. I wonder whether in time, because of the good climate of Antalya, its water and food, the weak boys of the city have transformed into small Herculeses or supermen and I have not hear about it?

When they anticipate an accident, are they now able to prevent it with their x-ray vision or are they able to jump out of the shuttle and use their muscle power to stop the two vehicles from colliding with each other?

Yes, truly, I said I did not get it; my wisdom is no good for New Turkey anymore.

Who knows, maybe the director of education is trying to hide the “women and men sitting separately” practice behind this excuse.

Maybe he is not comfortable with little girls and boys traveling all together in a mixed fashion in a shuttle bus?

This country now has other “education” administrators where the principal does not like small children using coed staircases and has separated their entrances and exits.

I noticed that the education director in Antalya does not even mention the necessity and obligation of all the traveling students have to put on their seat belts. He has not touched the issue of overcrowded shuttle buses either.

Actually, he has another issue and that is that he wants to pick the songs to be played on shuttle buses. I recall the folk song from Tokat’s Reşadiye district. As in any folk song, the meaning is sacrificed for the sake of rhyming; and it roughly translates as “The green fur of Mr. Director, this song is new, Mr. Director has allowed it and this song will be sung. I am burning, Come near me my beauty, I am burning. Wave your handkerchief, I am leaving.”

I can sing this folk song very well, but nobody supported me to become a professional. Zara sings it beautifully. It is on the web, you will find it easily…

Look at the mirror

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu decided that main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) is the “Turkish Baath Party.”

I am going to laugh; but something is stopping me. The word “Baath” in Arabic means resurrection, it should be perceived as “revival.”

If we look around in our paradise of a country for a political party that is trying to revitalize certain things, the only one we see is the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).  They have an enormous quest for the revival of the Ottoman Empire, a pan-Islamist vision.

On the other hand, the countries where Baath parties are ruling are very much like the New Turkey; a one-party rule and strict practices of the bureaucracy, justice and security forces to protect the government.

Look, when the “security” package passes in Parliament, the police will be able to stop you on the street, can go into your home, search your office and take you and hold you in the police station for two days.

What I am writing reminds me of Egypt. Egypt’s al-Muhaberat is the equivalent of our National Intelligence Organization (MİT); they are almighty.

Al-Muhaberat monitors everybody, records them, the person heading it is the second most important person of the regime. Just like the New Turkey…

The strongest side of the Baath ideology is about seizing the state with all its institutions. It picks the judges, prosecutors. If your contacts with the Baath are good, then you can build any building wherever you want. You can win all of the state’s tenders.

If you are not Baathist, then you cannot even serve tea at a public institution. Just like New Turkey. The media is also under its control.

If Davutoğlu is looking for a Turkish Baathist, he should first look into the mirror.