What a weekend ahead of us

What a weekend ahead of us

Storms are predicted for the weekend. There are such thrilling developments ahead, and many things may change. Let me list them:

- While you’re reading this column, the verdict for Aziz Yıldırım in the match-fixing case will most probably have been announced. For the past few weeks – especially since the decision from European football’s governing body, UEFA – expectations have been high for Yıldırım’s acquittal. I hope so.

- The Euro 2012 final will be played on Sunday in Kiev. The latest devil of the pitch Mario Ballotelli is expected to knock Spain down this time.

- The European Union summit will end and the future of the euro will be determined. Either Germany will get what it wants and save the euro, or the dimensions of the crisis will grow.

- A decision will be made on the Specially Authorized Courts. The war between the (Fethullah Gülen) community and the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) is toughening. Either these courts will be abandoned or they will receive a makeover. Thousands of people are waiting for this bill.

- Leyla Zana will meet Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Will Zana become a new “mediator”? Or will there be a break up within the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP)? We will discuss the answers to these questions.

We have a weekend full of activity ahead of us.

He will learn his lesson once back at home
The 70 million-population Turkey is short of star athletes. We have no difficulty filling the stadiums, but the number of our skilled football players is few. We want those who are born and trained in Europe.
Basketball draws crowds, but the number of our “star” players is no more than a handful. The same situation goes for volleyball.

Wimbledon is popular, but we have no outstanding tennis players.

Since we were not able to participate in Euro 2012, we are now consoling ourselves with our Euro 2012 referee Cüneyt Çakır. We cherish him. Commentators have stopped describing the game and have started judging whether our referee is successful or not. We have our hearts in our mouths so that he does not make a mistake.

But, mind you, this honeymoon will not last long. We do not allow anybody who has achieved a success to breathe normally. You will see. Çakır, who has referred top European teams, will be dragged through the mud when our leagues start. Players will walk up to him, managers who lose the game will blame him.

He will regret that he was so successful.

Symi Island waiting for Turks
Symi tops the list of Greek islands that those living across the Aegean frequently visit and enjoy the most. It is extremely close to the Datça Peninsula. Its port is filled everyday with Turkish cruisers and with gullets.

The feature that distinguishes Symi from other Greek islands is that it is maintained extremely well, like a pearl. I visit Symi every year and I take pleasure every time. This time I listened to their complaints: “Why do Turks only come and go to the port? Our island is very beautiful. Why don’t they go to other places? Why don’t they invest?”

Correct. Turks who come to the island with their boats first go to Manos and eat, have fun, shop a little and then leave the port. Islanders are complaining about that.