Very nice to be seeing these days

Very nice to be seeing these days

Generally, we all like to complain. We complain about almost everything. We enjoy dragging the municipality, the police and of course governments through the mud. We pour our hearts out, forgetting our own mistakes.

Criticisms toward the Justice and Development Party (Ak Party) government because it has created exhaustion – especially after 10 years of governing – are increasing. However, no matter what, there are also good deeds they have done.

Here, one of them is what the Parliament Inquiry Commission on Coups and Memorandums has done.

Maybe most of us are not aware of it, but with the statement of the head of the commission, Nimet Baş, a brand new era has started in this country. A revolution has been made. For the first time the military has been interrogated and more importantly, a message has been sent to those who would attempt to stage a coup from now on: Guys, if you do, you will be brought to account.

I would like to ask you. Could it have been possible, 10 years ago, to set up such a commission and ask questions there? Whenever I ask this question, the Susurluk Commission comes to my mind. I remember those days when the commanders returned the invitations saying, “How is it possible that you invite us?”
We owe a thank you to those who have formed this commission, those who work at the commission and those who go there and answer questions. They have made a tremendous achievement. They have presented a country to our grandchildren where they can live without fear.

I am so happy to have seen these days.

Another development that increases my contentment is the subject of defense in mother tongue.

With Ak Party votes, Kurdish has entered the legal world.
I wonder if there is a need to emphasize how important this step is.

Here, because of these things, I am happy. I have put aside those developments I do not like and these two are good for me.
The ‘imaginary world’ of the Arabs
The United Nations has given the Palestinians the status of nonmember observer state after years.

Everybody’s rejoicing. I have not been able to understand why they are happy. Actually, the Arab world should have cried and been ashamed. For so many years, they have not done anything for the Palestinians. Not that they were not able to. They did not want to. They only talked. They used it during their power struggle among themselves. And, at the end, they applaud as if it were a big deal. As a matter of fact, they have not made any real effort for the U.N. to grant member state status to Palestine. As I said, a new act has begun in the ‘imaginary world’ of the Arabs.

Oops, foreigners buying land
Environment and City Planning Minister Erdoğan Bayraktar is one the names in this Cabinet who does the most correct deeds. His last data is brilliant. Citizens from 92 countries have bought 89 million square meters of land in our country. Germans are at the top followed by Austrians and Britons. Land, apartment and house sales have been boosted because of the recent changes in the law.

Some would say “Foreigners are buying Turkey.” Some oppose foreigners buying land. Actually, Spain just issued a law that every foreigner buying a flat or house over 160,000 euros will be given a permanent residence permit.

Now, let me ask you: Will the foreigner take the land and put it in his pocket and leave the country?

On the contrary, the more land they buy, the more they will settle, spend money and stand up for the country.