US leaving Iraq defeated

US leaving Iraq defeated

American troops are finally withdrawing from Iraq after an occupation of around nine years. 
According to official figures, 1,200,000 were left dead by the war that the United States started with “deliberately distorted” intelligence, lying both to the world and the United Nations. 

According to a story in one of the most respected newspapers in the United Kingdom, the Observer, and based on research conducted by research company ORB, the United States, by starting this war to “liberate the Iraqi people” has caused the death of 1,200,000 people. A shattered, chaotic Iraq is left behind, a country where all institutions and infrastructure have collapsed and a country has been left even poorer than before. 

More importantly, the U.S. has caused the polarization of the Shiite and Sunni fronts in the region. The Iraqis say, “When the Americans arrived; there was only one Saddam. Now, there are thousands. Before, we did not know if we were Shiite or Sunni, now this discrimination defines our lives.” 

In short, the U.S. has spoilt everything, it has made a mess. It was already obvious even at the beginning of the operation that the Americans had no plans for after the war. To top it all, there is the 1 trillion dollars of war costs which could have had the power to change a lot. 

Meanwhile, the U.S. flattened its reputation with this lie. Its credibility plummeted to zero. 
The war crimes committed were the kiss of death. The American “excruciation” and “war crimes” were documented with photos that shocked its own public the most. 

For this reason, the U.S. came out of the Iraq war with a defeat. Washington and American democracy lost both its prestige and credibility in Iraq.
Of course police should guard Parliament 
It has been debated for years but no steps were taken. Parliament was always guarded by the military. 
No parliament of any democratic country is guarded by the army. Either they have their own guards or police is tasked with the job. The presence of soldiers has created the impression that there was military tutelage over Parliament. Moreover, there was actually such tutelage present. Nobody was able to raise their voices during each military coup because the army controlled Parliament. Let’s not forget the coups of May 27, March 12 and Sept. 12. The public talked about the army siege around Parliament, not the army that was guarding Parliament. 

Because of this angle, I genuinely applaud the latest decision in which the military has withdrawn and the police have arrived. Yes, it is a symbolic decision but Turkey is a country of symbols and this is an extremely important symbol. 

Listen to Pavey 

Last week, Republican People’s Party (CHP) deputy Şafak Pavey delivered a very important speech during the EU Ministry budget debate in Parliament. Pavey criticized the government’s relations with the EU in recent years. She also mentioned two points: “Clear the way for freedom of opinion and press freedom. Apply the Taiwan formula to Cyprus and restart the locked talks with the EU.” 

Pavey made everybody listen to her in a very calm way. She did not break a glass and she was not ushered away from the stand. What she said was truly important. She answered the rhetoric of “The EU is finished, we are growing” of the past months by noting the EU’s economic figures and replying that “we are being ridiculous.” It was a speech that needs to be noted. You can see it here: (