Regional developments strengthen the PKK’s hand

Regional developments strengthen the PKK’s hand

I had previously written that developments in Syria had widened the scope of the Kurdish problem and that we are face to face with control getting out of our hands. I believe we have three options:

1-To take steps to solve immediately our internal problems and reconcile with our Kurdish-origin citizens.

2-To wait for the outcome of developments without doing anything.

3-To widen the military fight against the Kurdish entity.

The prime minister’s current policy is limited to bringing the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) to its knees. The previous courageous steps taken are considered sufficient. Yet, the scope of the Kurdish problem in general in the region is fast widening. The PKK is preparing to take an important role in international games. The messages of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to Kurdistan Regional Government President Masoud Barzani and the article in daily Star by his adviser Yalçın Akdoğan show that things are not going well.

Akdoğan has warned Barzani on behalf of the prime minister and said, “choose the friendship of Turkey.”

Iraq is under his control. Syria is shaking. It is even enough to have those two unite. Then may come Iran. If the support of Washington, who might just want to punish Tehran, comes that will get us one step nearer to Greater Kurdistan.

In all of this game the PKK finds a place for itself. It has voice in armed struggle.

It becomes stronger.

In short the changing dynamics in the region are taking the Kurdish problem to stages undesired by us.
Happy Press Freedom Day
July 24 Press Freedom Day was celebrated with joy in all the prisons throughout the country. The celebrations that started at Silivri Prison ended in Diyarbakır Prison. Interior Minister İdris Naim Şahin said, “Freedom first, freedom to all.”

Daily Cumhuriyet columnist and Republican People’s Party (CHP) deputy Mustafa Balbay delivered a speech at Silivri Prison. He said press freedom had progressed in the last 10 years. He said the press, as the fourth power, is now an organ scrutinizing the government. In the celebrations in Diyarbakır, Ozan Kılıç, the editor-in-chief of Azadıya Welat, published a text in Kurdish saying, “Journalists work freely in Turkey and are never subjected to investigations.”

The Turkish Journalist Association issued a message on the occasion. It said “There is no obstacle in front of our colleagues performing their profession. They are not sentenced to years [in prison] by different methods.”

The year is 2012.

The difference between today and the first free newspapers published 104 years ago is not just year... Many things, and everything.

What happens if we don’t win a medal
The 30th Olympics started in London. Turkey is participating with 114 athletes. Goldman Sachs, which usually has a correct estimation about Olympic medals, has predicted that Turkey will win nine medals. What happens if they don’t win any? Let’s not forget that the beauty of sports is not just winning; it is also about competing.

Let’s not make it a national issue.

Our athletes are very dear to us.

I wish them all success.