One day Apo will also be free

One day Apo will also be free

Now, you will get angry at me. In fact, you will get angry at me big time. You will call me every name in the book.

Nevertheless, I still want to explain some of the bitter truth to you in advance. Like it or not, there is plenty of benefit in preparing ourselves.

The only issue that is blocking the future of this country is the duo of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terror and the Kurdish issue. Unfortunately, the region is stuck in colossal chaos. Trying to find a solution is becoming more and more difficult. Despite that, if we look at the issue in very rough terms, then we can see what we are heading for.

We do not know when the presumptions below will come true but many of them are quite clear.
If we want to overcome this problem, dispose of a bleeding wound and prevent the country from disintegrating, we should prepare ourselves for these:

* A general amnesty, the conditions of which are to be determined later, is inevitable.

* Abdullah Öcalan – even though it may take many years – may be freed and even allowed to do politics.

* The PKK will take another name and enter Parliament.

* Mother tongue education in Kurdish will be accepted and will also be used in official domains.

However, to be able to reach these stages, İmralı and Kandil should reach an agreement, and it all depends on the organization laying down arms. These are the steps of a scenario.

I believe that it is only Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who can bring Turkey to this stage. For this reason, I do not expect a major development until after the 2015 elections.

I repeat:

Do not be angry; actually, prepare yourself for all of this.

One day will come; be sure that you will say, “Mehmet Ali wrote these things and we dragged him through the mud, but look, what he said came true.”

Glance through the pages of history; you will see numerous examples of what I have listed above.
That day, you may witness that, even though the Kurdish issue may not be completely solved, it will be low on the agenda, while the PKK will be marginalized, turning into just a small group bothering us from time to time.

In that case, we will all win.

Turkey will be saved from disintegrating. On the contrary, it will be the patron of all the Kurds in the region and increase its political power.

Kurds, after many years, will be able to have their own identities.
Let’s see if I will be proven right.

Behind the scenes of Mossad

Among secret services, it is believed that the strongest ones are Mossad and the CIA. As a matter of fact, Mossad is referred to as being stronger, more effective and active than the CIA. I came across a book right on this subject, “Mossad.” It has just been translated into Turkish. It is a novel-like book explaining Mossad’s major operations from its foundation to the present day by authors Michael Bar-Zohar and Nissim Mishal. Bar-Zohar is a former Knesset member, while Mishal is an outstanding TV personality. The book on Mossad explains the secret service’s major operations all around the world that have been hidden for years and introduces us to Israel’s heroes.