Nobody has ever been able to prevent abortion

Nobody has ever been able to prevent abortion

As the abortion debate gets deeper, this society is facing new facts.

The most important aspect of these kinds of debates is this: we are, all together, informed. Let me ask you, how many of us were aware of these dimensions of the abortion and Cesarean operations before?

If we take a look at the stage we have reached now, we have started discussing various aspects of abortions. For example, before it was legalized and regulated in 1983, the total of deaths of mother in Turkey was around 10,000 per year. Some 10,000 women used primitive methods to abort a child that she was not able to look after, that she knew would be born with defects/disabilities or which was the result of a rape. As a result of this, the number of those who lost their lives increased, either from excessive bleeding or infection. The law that went into effect in 1983 was enforced to stop the deaths of mothers.

When viewed from that angle, we can easily say that it is not the practice of abortion, but actually, it is any ban on abortion that can be called a murder.

The words of our health minister, even though they were uttered as a “possibility,” were taken particularly seriously and created a fierce reaction: babies born as a result of rape would be taken care of by the state, he said. The state’s approach to children is so bad that nobody even wants to discuss such a situation.

Another point is that nowhere in the world is abortion ever entirely prevented, even in environments that have the strictest laws, even if abortion is banned.

The same situation is also valid for Turkey. Bans on abortion, or restrictions to it - this would only make women start visiting underground “butchers.”

You cannot prevent it, and however much the pressure increases or not, if a woman does not want a baby she will again have an abortion, at the cost of her lives.

I have a suggestion to all parties.

Nowadays, all kinds of voices are coming from all directions. In the end, a report will be written and the sensation will settle down. Since there will not be a total ban, there will be a middle way. The most correct approach would be to keep this topic out of both religion and politics.

Civil servants got better rises than the private sector
Maybe they will be angry at me, but I haven’t fully understood why civil servants are angry at the recent pay rises they received. There is only one reason for that. They have given harsh reactions to the rises they have received which are, as far as I know, higher than what the prominent holdings of the private sector gave in 2012.

Those major companies have offered rises of between 5 and 7 percent this year. The 5 percent rise, even though it was reacted to in many places, was accepted.

The rises that civil servants received as 4+4, with their additional benefits, will reach a level of 9.5 percent. This is a figure above the inflation rate. If the inflation rate turns out to be higher, they will receive additional rises. Opposition to this rise has been given even though it was a real burden on the state budget; that is why I have difficulty understanding it. If there is a point I’m missing, please alert me…

The Mourinho interview

Real Madrid’s coach Mourinho was in Turkey last week, upon SİNPAŞ’s invitation. He was interviewed by journalists, but it was Fatih Altaylı who wrote the best interview. It was an entirely cheerful interview. More importantly I learned a lot from it. This paragraph is especially for sports administrators, sports writers and athletes: If you have missed it, go into the website, find Altaylı’s interview on Habertürk, dated May 27, and read it.