May 19 celebrations are better this way

May 19 celebrations are better this way

We used to watch the ceremonies on May 19, the Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day with much interest and enjoyment. We would especially admire the four tiered human towers that Kuleli military students would construct in the middle of the stadium. In time though, the military-themed parades lost their charm. 

This is the reason I like the new arrangements better. Şişli Mayor Mustafa Sar??’s call “Take your flag and come” is very nice. The show at Samsun is delightful.

The reason is that everybody can participate. Let’s leave aside the stadiums now: let’s celebrate on the streets. Isn’t it beautiful that those who believe in the significance of May 19 gather together and fill the streets? 

Officer Clubs back to normal 

The rules of entrance, as well as weddings and receptions, were different for officers’ clubs until the year 2000. After the Feb. 28, 1997 operation, (since 2000) headscarves, turbans and beards were banned. The reason for this was to demonstrate that the principles of Feb. 28 would be applied also in the officers’ clubs and also to intimidate the religious segment within the military staff. 

As a matter of fact, after this decision especially, the top brass would react or leave the premises whenever they encountered a lady wearing a headscarf. 

It was a very wrong attitude, dividing society. It was a decision that showed the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) as an enemy of religion, one that distanced the military from a significant portion of the society. 
At last, a mistake has been corrected. What was right has been done.

Engaged in a hollow debate

As a matter of fact, the recent debate is an entirely hollow one. I’m referring to the fight over who saw those 34 people first. Whether the Turkish planes saw them first, or the American Predators, does not matter at all. 

Regardless of who saw them first, the important fact is the evaluation of whether the 34 people spotted were civilians or members of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)? Who evaluated this image? Who ordered the bombing? What the public demands is the detection of the source of the failure and a proper apology to the families of these people.

Alas! Turkey is on sale! 

Dear friends, we’re toast. We’re losing our country. Our land is being sold. Foreigners will buy our land, and they will seal off our apartments. Armenians are eyeing the Kars region, Arabs and rich Kurds the Southeast, Greeks the Aegean region, the Israelis the Mediterranean coasts. Whoops and again whoops… 

While according to the former regulations a foreign person or a foreign company was able to purchase a maximum 2.5 hectares of land, with the introduction of a new law they can now buy up to 30 hectares. This figure could be increased to 60 hectares through a cabinet decision. 
We’re done, burnt out, finished.

I’m not kidding, a segment of society, primarily Rahşan Ecevit, has gone into deep mourning. They seriously believe that the country is being sold. 

Instead of being delighted, instead of saying “we will become rich,” they opt for mourning. They don’t even question where a foreigner could ever move the property that he or she has invested so much in. 

This new law has made me very happy. It was the correct decision.