I don’t want to tell fortunes

I don’t want to tell fortunes

I am reading the papers, watching television channels and am completely astonished. I come across a road map wherever I turn, ranging from when to take which step to probability calculations.

Whichever you call it; talks or negotiations, there are endless details involved. No offense; I’m not saying at all that what they are writing or reporting are fabricated. My only concern is whether or not this much detail at this stage would be misleading.

It is only first steps that are being taken. The negotiations have not begun yet. Right now, talks are being held for (future) negotiations.

However, there are so many details circling around that people’s minds are confused.

Not only the media, generally all of us want to enter the kitchen where the İmralı-Ankara talks are being held. Even the slightest bit of detail increases our appetite. Since our politicians also talk too much, there are voices coming out of every head.

The best part of this practice is that the public shares everything. Isn’t this one of the fundamental rules of democracy?

However, there are important drawbacks for entering the kitchen this much, because the taste of the dish cooked changes constantly while it is being prepared. You may want to add new herbs or you may want to adjust its salt and pepper when the taste is not to your satisfaction. If it rises too much, you have it rest for a while. While you are doing all of this, the kitchen becomes a mess, things are everywhere, meat mixes with vegetables.

Once you taste it at the end, you are content. Now, everything is back on track.

You dish your meal in a nice clean plate and leave the chaotic kitchen behind to serve those who are waiting for you happily at the table.

Negotiations are like that. However, it is up to the negotiator whether to let the media into the kitchen or not. The media is ready; it would serve whatever you supply it.

A serious negotiator who wants to achieve results would keep the door of the kitchen shut tightly. He does not allow anybody in. The one who wants to show as if he is negotiating leaves the back door of the kitchen open.

Now, you will see. So many news bombs will explode in the İmralı-Ankara negotiations, we will read of such colossal scandals.

They will be halted… They will restart… It will continue like a chess game.

I will not be fortunetelling in this process.

I will only convey my observations. I will evaluate statements. The reason for this is so as not to have to apologize to you afterward.

Will this process be successful? This is the most frequently asked question. We are so fed up with terror; everything comes full circle to the silencing of arms.

I have no guesses. Let’s see. I hope it is successful. However, let’s not forget that the issue is not to end terror but to solve the Kurdish issue. When you say the Kurdish issue, we are talking about a development that would affect the whole region. For this reason, let’s not rush.

We have a looong way to go.