Be careful: we may get stuck with the Damascus bid

Be careful: we may get stuck with the Damascus bid

We are sailing into hot water with Syria, but let me say at the beginning what I should say at the end: “In this situation, a Turkey-Syria war will not erupt. In particular, Turkey does not want war…”

However, this business is never definite. Such tensions may bring about the most unexpected results.

You may want to intimidate or frighten Bashar al-Assad. For example, you may reciprocate a bomb by mistake or down a plane on the grounds that it was carrying weapons. In this escalation, you may encounter such an adverse response from the other side that you involuntarily need to show a much bigger reaction. One reaction from you, then another reaction from the other side, then suddenly you lose control and you find yourself in war.

Murat Yetkin, the editor-in-chief of the Hürriyet Daily News, has pointed this out: Until only recently, the international public was saying “brutal al-Assad is striking his own people and he has to be stopped.” Take a look at the world media nowadays and the topic has turned into the Turkey-Syria conflict.

The bid to topple al-Assad may fall into your lap
The civil war in Syria does not threaten Turkey’s vital interests. In other words, it is not our duty. It should not be our duty to save the Syrian people from al-Assad. Let’s defend them, support them, but we should have boundaries.

The domestic conflict in Syria and the major stake in the region are based on a showdown that is not related to us. We are squeezed in the fight between the United States-Israel and Iran, as well as the scuffle between the Sunni front - led by Qatar and Saudi Arabia - and Iraq and Iran.

Are we going to do their job?

No, we should not, and I don’t believe Ankara has such an intention either. However, my fear is that we will accidentally get stuck on the road to Damascus. Even if we do not want it, we may have such a road accident that we may find the struggle to topple al-Assad in our lap.

Al-Assad would benefit from war
Let’s not forget that al-Assad would benefit a lot from a possible war, even if it erupted accidentally.
He may be able to unite his people against the invader, Turkey. He will then easily crush his opponents. He will be able to increase the support of Iran and Russia. He will guarantee his power.

Turkey would win the war, but it would incur more damage than al-Assad. The economy of the country would be hugely impacted and stability would be destroyed.

War is not a children’s game.

Alex as FB coach
The Fenerbahçe administration may heave a sigh of relief today, as I am sure that they are happy that they are finally getting rid of Alex. Indeed, they may be disturbed by the interest the prime minister has shown in him. Is the Alex file closed? I don’t think so. I don’t know when, but one day we will see Alex as the team’s coach.

Oct. 29 should not be cancelled
Several receptions have been cancelled due to the recent terror incidents. The cocktail for the opening of Parliament is one example. Now, there are rumors about the reception for the Republic Day on Oct. 29. It is not yet clear whether or not it will be canceled, but it would be a grave mistake if it is.

The aim of terrorism is to disrupt the country’s routine life; thus, the canceling of the state’s official receptions only satisfies terror.

At a time when we have many martyrs, one or two receptions may be cancelled. But Oct. 29 is no ordinary event - it is not for entertainment. It should not be cancelled.