Egyptians are finally getting introduced to each other

Egyptians are finally getting introduced to each other

Many try to come to grips with Egypt’s new realities. Egyptians in particular seem to be struggling to understand, even those who dreamed and fought for change.

For many, the break from the past so-called stability was an eye opener, for some who already understood the instability of the stable façade, the change is challenging. The changing dynamics of the unfolding political situation, the faltering economic realities are contributing to major social change. Egyptians are finally getting introduced to each other. 

There is no doubt all are learning. Those who claim they know and those who know they don’t. The only certainty is more and more Egyptians are engaged in an attempt to understand the unfolding reality. As the elections continue to attract more voters and as many watching on their screens, anticipation of which Egyptians are going to form the majority of parliament makes headlines. Not surprisingly, the removal of the artificial façade of the regime brought all kinds of Egyptians to the political scene. Today, Egyptians must face the reality of their plurality. 

One of the biggest illusions created by the deposed regime was to portray the one face of Egypt and Egyptians. They brutally spent most of their energy and resources in hiding the true colors of a great people and country. Difference was not tolerated, in many cases unacceptable and hunted down. For political opponents, they were simply locked up and tortured. Poverty was hidden behind big fancy billboards and fake media portraits: out of sight meant out of mind. Social differences were trickier and more elusive. Isolation was a strategic choice. That did, however, succeed in creating the fear of the other. Egyptians feared Egyptians who were different and if you weren’t like us you were against us. Difference was a threat. 

Today, all threats are out in the open, some are real but mostly they are created by minds sick for control. All Egyptians, educationally certified or wisely experienced, are facing the real challenge of learning who they are. The challenge is real. The one thing they all have in common is their faith in God and love of Egypt. The rest they will have to figure out. Egyptians are closer to creating their common understanding than they have ever been. The ostrich behavior is slowly but surely changing as more of the 85 million Egyptians stick their heads out. 

The start was easier, as all perspectives united to bring the regime down. Reality is not ideal. Many do not like what they see. Some will never be able to accept the surfacing realities. Most will have to adjust, adapt and move on. To the majority of Egyptians, who will stick around and face the reality, the challenge is daunting, yet not impossible. First we must acknowledge our past, negotiate the present and collaborate to build the future. To get there, we will need to get to know each other better.