Why are the people of Turkey afraid?

Why are the people of Turkey afraid?

Dear rulers of my beloved country,

t might be too late by the time you read this letter, so please, read it on the day it is printed in the paper. 

Dear gentlemen, do you know that consultants and agencies who advise on the acquisition of citizenships, residency and work permits in other countries are now making mass presentations to packed halls? 

Are you aware of how many people are planning their future abroad? Do you know how many families with kids are planning this in fear, looking for junior high and high schools abroad? Do you have any idea of how many valuable people working abroad have turned down offers to work here?   

The most striking thing on this matter is that none of these tens of thousands or maybe hundreds of thousands of people are members of a community, sect, political party or nongovernmental organization.

 Most of them are not doing what you would call the “dangerous professions” of today such as journalism, writing, etc. Most of them have not even posted a single political tweet in their lives. 

These people are lawyers, doctors, architects, engineers, top managers, businesspeople, entrepreneurs, artists, teachers and students… Ask company owners and parents; how many of the hopeful young people abroad have abandoned their plans to come back home. 

These people are our future, gentlemen; and they are leaving without a trace. 

That is because they are afraid. 

Forget about the fear of being interrogated or arrested one day; our situation is not so bright from that point of view anyway… No, I’m talking about those people who only follow politics, the community, FETÖ and the PKK in front of the television. These people are afraid of the state of affairs in the country. 

These people are afraid that one day they will not be able to live, eat and drink, dress the way they like and work in the places they wish to work and get the promotion they deserve.   

These people are afraid about what kind of life their daughters will live. These people are afraid, just because they are not pro-government or just because one day some people will seize their property. 

These people are afraid that while they mind their own business, just because they are involved in a minor traffic accident, just because their ID card was stolen, just because they paid 100 Turkish Liras too little on their property tax, they will appear in court and be a victim of injustice, unfairness and serve jail sentences, just like that.   

Most of these fears are groundless ones, for sure. Is that so? I hope it is. This is how I answer those who ask.  
But, nevertheless, they are afraid. The educated, working people of this country, who have not committed any crimes and who pay their taxes, are afraid, guys; and some of them are making serious plans to leave the country. 

I would like to ask two questions to the rulers of this country: 1) Are you happy with your performance? 2) Are you aware that many things can be repaired but if we lose the aforementioned people, there is no one to make up for them? 

Dear masters of politics. End this climate of fear. Make us believe that justice functions well. Try to foster equality, a meritocratic system and democracy; moderate your language; start normalization. Abandon polarization and scolding. Make citizens feel safe and confident in their own country. Don’t strain this country anymore.   

Look, everybody is leaving. But I will stay and become one of your nuisances, just so you know…
With love and respect…